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LuLaRoe Queue – What You Should Do in the Queue

April and I are back with some more LuLaRoe info. This post is for everyone waiting in the LuLaRoe QUEUE!

So you have signed up to sell LuLaRoe and now you are waiting for your call. If you missed the first Q and A post on how to become a LuLaRoe consultant head over and read that post first! April is my sister-in-law, single mom of a tween and a LuLaRoe consultant. (follow her on IG or get your shop on in her FB VIP group!) I’m Kelsey, mom of four. I run this shiz- nice to meet you!

In this post we have more Q&A plus we are using affiliate links to link to items April and I use for our businesses.


What should you do if you are waiting in the queue?

While waiting for your onboarding call you are what we like to call a ‘Quebie’.

Quebies should use their time in queue to prepare for their inventory arrival. Take advantage of this time so that as soon as your inventory arrives you are ready to sell and start making that money! The more serious you take your new business venture the more successful you will be.

Ready for the list?!

Set up social media accounts

Set up a Facebook group for all of your VIP customers and invite all of your friends and family. Encourage them to invite their friends too and even before your inventory arrives get them familiar with LuLaRoe. There are lots of images you can find online to post in the group and since these are you VIPs you could set up giveaway or games for them. Whatever you do be sure to stay active in your group to keep members engaged.

Register for myUPS

myUPS emails you with shipping updates on anything shipped to your name and address using UPS. Since LuLaRoe uses UPS to ship your orders you will be able to get notified when your orders ship and the day before scheduled delivery. Nobody wants their boxes arriving and sitting all alone!

Buy Supplies to Store Inventory

Buy racks and hangers for when your clothes arrive. You want all of the items where you can see them for online or pop-up sales. Plus if you are doing a bunch of pop-up sales nobody wants to shop through boxes of wrinkled clothes. April started out with things she already had but has been doing a majority of in-home pop up parties where she is hauling the clothes around. It was imperative she invest in better racks, storage containers and bags as soon as she could to keep the clothing in pristine condition. She upgraded to the full zipping IKEA bags because they stack easier than the open bags. She also found zip top storage containers for her leggings so all she has to do is unzip and display them on a table.

Order Shipping Supplies

You can order USPS priority boxes to your home for FREE or you can grab a few at your local post office. Medium flat rate priority boxes will fit multiple clothing items for one flat rate (USPS keeps raising their prices but it is around $12 no matter how much is in the box). Small flat rate boxes would fit one pair of leggings and the cost is around $6.

However it is cheaper to ship first class by using a poly mailer shipping bag and label if the order is under 13 ounces. First rate prices vary by weight from $2.65 – almost $4. If you are shipping one or two (small) pieces of clothing I would go with first class. The breakdown cost of the shipping labels and shipping bags I linked to comes to about $0.15.

If you are planning to do a lot of online sales or shipping I would also suggest a shipping scale to make things easier. I prefer to weigh, package and ship online then schedule a pickup from the USPS website so I never have to step foot in the post office (or leave my house for that matter!)

Some people suggest the DYMO label printer with sticker a labels. I used to say it wasn’t worth the price however they have recently dropped the price of the printer and the labels so if you have the money to invest I say go for it. The printer is super quick and you never have to buy ink cartridges because it uses thermal print technology. Otherwise as always I highly suggest the HP Envy with HP Instant Ink Subscription which is what I personally use.


Looking for more resources?

Pinterest links to some amazing sources. If you haven’t checked them out already we have a few more LuLaRoe information and printable posts to help you too.

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Renee Johnson

Monday 27th of November 2017

Thanks so much! This was super helpful and had a lot of great resources.

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