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Foam Board Photo Craft Booth Display

Last year my sister-in-law and I did a craft event together and neither of us had a bunch of money to spend on big and crazy props and displays. It was a one day event and this was the first year they were hosting it so we weren’t sure what the turn out would be. To save money we both shopped our homes and came up with DIY projects to add items of interest to our booth.

Craft Booth: DIY Foam Board Photo Display

I had awesome photos from Chelsea Peterson Photography with some of the same headbands I was selling for the event. I knew I had to think of a way to use the photos in our display because I always love when other craft booths show their product being modeled in professional photos! I knew I didn’t have money for photo canvases, a large banner or even a nice frame but that I needed something to make the photos sturdy! That is when I came up with the idea to glue them to foam board. The board would make the photos sturdy and I could prop them up around open spots in our booth.

Craft Booth: DIY Foam Board Photo Display

I double checked with Chelsea about using the photos and when I got her approval I printed them as 8x10s to my local Walmart photo lab. It cost me about $2.50 per photo.


  • Photos in desired size
  • Foam Board
  • Ruler
  • Exacto Knife or box cutters
  • Rubber Cement


  • Use a ruler to measure and mark where you will make your cuts on the foam board.
  • Use an exacto to cut through the foam board.
  • Once your foam board is cut to the correct size use rubber cement to glue the photos to the foam board and allow to dry.

A few important tips–

  • Be mindful of the surface you are cutting on – I cut mine on my garage floor so I didn’t ruin my indoor floors or table!
  • Use a ruler or straight edge to cut along so your cuts are straight instead of wavy or sloppy.

Craft Booth: DIY Foam Board Photo Display

Craft Booth: DIY Foam Board Photo Display

The other great part about these is that they pack up easy and are lightweight – if you have done a craft booth before you know that packing and carrying all of the props, displays and items is one of the worst parts!

Craft Booth: DIY Foam Board Photo Display


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