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EEK! Spooky Halloween Wreath

I LOVE Halloween! It is my favorite holiday to decorate for and my husband’s all around favorite holiday of the year. Last year I started taking my Halloween decorations a modern/vintage spooky route and I am continuing that this year. I created this spooky EEK wreath a few days ago and it is going to pair well with my Halloween apothecary jars, cheesecloth luminary jars and Halloween shelf sitters. Spooky Halloween EEK Wreath #Halloween

My wreath was inspired by a thrifted silver serving tray ($2) I bought last year and a foam wreath I had in my craft closet. The wreath fit perfectly on the serving tray, so I wrapped it in black yarn. I tore a page out of an old thrifted book ($0.50) and printed EEK on it and used black/orange washi tape to tape it to the middle of the serving tray. I hot glued the yarn wrapped wreath to the serving tray and added a few final touches by adding a black crow ($1 from Dollar Tree), cheesecloth and black roses (from last years decoration stash). Spooky Halloween EEK Wreath #Halloween Don’t you just love those lightbulb moments? I never would have thought to use the serving tray as part of my wreath but as I was pulling out the fall decorations last week I set the actual Halloween decorations to the side thinking I would wait a few more weeks to put them out. It just so happened I set it down next to the wreath form and as I was picking up stacked them on top of one another. On my next trip to Michael’s I grabbed black yarn and then the wreath just happened. Spooky Halloween EEK Wreath #Halloween Spooky Halloween EEK Wreath #Halloween Spooky Halloween EEK Wreath #Halloween I can’t wait to have this on the front door this year to great our ghostly guests!Enjoy,
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