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My Word for 2013–Success

Success Printable - Word for 2013 I thought a lot about my word for 2013. At first all I could think about was ‘FOCUS’ but it was my word from last year. I did a lot of focusing last year and really homed in on goals I had for myself, my blog, and my shop. This year I went back and fourth between ‘risk’ and ‘success’ but in the end I picked success. I want to successfully complete the goals I set for myself and be successful in many of my risky endeavors. Printable 5×7 Success Printable - Word for 2013 I am taking quite a few huge risks in the coming months and a year from now I want to look back and say that the risks ended in success. A while back I mentioned that after baby #3 was born I wanted to quit my day job completely. I only have a few weeks to make my final decision and I am deciding between returning 1-2 days a week or not at all. It is a stressful decision. After a SUPER.DUPER.GREAT holiday season in the Poofy Cheeks Shop I feel like it was a sign that I should jump in with both feet, yet there is still some hesitation since I do have a family and we can’t make it too long on my husbands salary alone. Success Printable - Word for 2013 More than anything I want to prove to myself that I can create my own success and be a role model for my kids and others in the handmade and blogging communities. I want my husband and family to be proud of me and I am willing to put in the hard work that is needed to succeed! What is your word for 2013? signature

jaquelyn {the sweetest petunia}

Saturday 5th of January 2013

i think you'll do awesome! but totally understand how crazy it can be to make decisions like that.

my word is "simplify" - the pull of my heart is to live a simpler life. :)


Friday 4th of January 2013

I am so excited to see what you decide! Congrats on your success. :)


Friday 4th of January 2013

I chose the same word for this year. I am trying to complete the Quickbooks Pro Advisor program and start my own bookkeeping business. I LOVE the products from your shop. The Christmas tags were perfect for my wrapping paper theme this year. Thank you!! Your blog is always an inspiration. Wishing you lots of success for 2013 :)

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain

Friday 4th of January 2013

Fabulous word--I hope you have the most amazing year! My word I picked is Aproveitar--it means "to take advantage of" in Portuguese :)


Thursday 3rd of January 2013

Success is an awesome word for 2013. Best of luck on everything!

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