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Oh, Monday Fun-day Back to School

Back to School Day This little guy went to his first day of Pre-K today. I cried… I wanted to just start balling crying, but I held it back. As we were leaving I just had to keep walking so he wouldn’t see, and I let my husband make sure he was going to be alright. Of course he was alright – it was just me having a hormonally pregnant crying fit where I wanted to kick and scream and tell him he was growing up too fast and I changed my mind he couldn’t go to preschool now (phew – take a breath). I regained my composure and just wiped my eyes on the drive home. His little brother was a little lost for the first hour or two. They are never really apart – they are always together even if they are not playing nicely with each other, and Mason kept asking ‘Is Wyatt done with school yet mommy?’ Oh—where did I get this cute printable you ask? At (designed by Chickabug) Back to School Day Caption: Wyatt and I before my crying fit. DSC_4730 So since today was emotionally challenging and I am extremely tired from waking up 3 hours before my normal ‘rise n’ shine’ time… you can find me posting over at Whatever Dee-Dee Wants with a semi-homemade stuffed shell recipe! It is perfect for a hectic weeknight and can even be made the night before! signature