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SNAP! Recap

I got back from SNAP yesterday afternoon and all I can say is – WOW! It was so awesome! Not only did I learn a lot, but I met so many awesome people! I learned that Utah is absolutely beautiful and I have a weakness for ice-cream shakes. Let me also just apologize now for the picture heavy post – there is so much to share! I quickly got over my nervousness of flying – which was good since I had two layovers on the way to Utah, and one on the way back for a total of 5 take-offs and landings. Maybe it was this beautiful sunrise that calmed my nerves on my first flight out of Florida. DSC_1499 While we were at Thanksgiving Point they happened to be having their Tulip Festival. During a break we had, we took the opportunity to check out the amazing flowers and scenery! The first picture was taken right outside of our hotel – breathtaking! DSC_1510 DSC_1537 DSC_1546 DSC_1550 DSC_1552 For the most part – these ladies and I all paired together whenever we could! From left to right there is Becky from Babes in Hairland, Holly, Christa from C. Jane Create, me, Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft, Wendy from Pretty Cute Party, and Janeal from the shop Monster and Me. These ladies were super nice and we all enjoyed eating dinners and sitting through classes together. DSC_1530 Oh the classes – they were informative and motivating. The SNAP team truly did a great job picking all of the speakers as they were super knowledgeable and inspiring. The panel they chose to speak in the Happy Chaos class on selling handmade couldn’t have been better. There was Heather from Just Things, Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy, Ashley from Lil Blue Boo, Elizabeth from Dear Lizzy, and Jessica from Allora Handmade. This class was one of the ones that taught me the most. It taught me to take value in my items and myself, to price things correctly, and that it is okay to take a break when you are burned out. DSC_1626  There were 325 bloggers that attended SNAP, and though I had a list of people I wanted to meet a mile long – I wasn’t able to meet everyone. There were a few people that I just wasn’t able to connect with. HOWEVER- there were ladies that I DID get to meet and I am so thankful for. Elizabeth of Sew Chatty was one of these ladies. She is so sincere and genuine – just as I imagined she would be. DSC_1627 Desiree of The 36th Avenue was another super awesome lady. We met the first night and she was so sweet! DSC_1508 Most of all I loved meeting my roommates in person. I could not have asked for better roommates! I roomed with Christa and Vanessa, and I don’t think I could have found a better match! DSC_1622 Don’t let me forget that another great party of SNAP was that they hosted the Queen Bee Market! Let’s just say I would have bought the whole dang thing if I could have! DSC_1640 DSC_1669 Saying goodbye to it all was hard, but I was good and ready to see my boys! Being away from them for that many days was SO hard! Farwell Utah – I hope we meet again! DSC_1708 If given the chance to go to SNAP! you need to go for it! I made a few lists of goals, new things I want to do, blog post ideas, and ways to improve myself – my shop – and my blog! signature