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Today I am sharing my week in phone pictures. I am SO happy that Droid phones now have the Instagram app available! I’m seriously addicted! Since I attened SNAP last weekend, most of my pictures were taken then. SNAP! attendees were given tons of swag! This was the bag we received at registration. Every attendee …

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SNAP Bound

This week has been another crazy one! You might remember – I won a ticket to SNAP in November and it snuck right up on me! My flight leaves bright and early tomorrow morning and then off I go for a few days of blogging fun! I have a few crazy thoughts about this trip …

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I have to interrupt the regular broadcast to share my big – exciting – over the moon – pinch me – am I dreaming news! I won something. Not just any old thing. A TICKET TO SNAP!! Let me start out by saying that I don’t recall winning a thing in my life. I’ve never …

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