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In My Make-Up Bag

What is in your make-up bag? I am sort of a make-up snob. I used to buy cheap drug store stuff. Then I started working with a bunch of girls who all swore by MAC. Of course I had to figure out what all of the fuss was about. Before working with these girls, I had never even heard of MAC. I walked in and my eyes were filled with colors – some bright, some shiny, all of them totally awesome! I had my eye on a few of the eye shadows {no pun intended} until I then eyed the price! I was used to my less than $2 drugstore eye shadows and my 97 cent eyeliner. I still bought one eye shadow that day at $14– which was around five years ago. Then for my birthday a friend gave me a $50 gift card, and I have asked for little things as gifts here and there over the past few years. At one point I had a pretty good collection built up until my backpack came unzipped while riding down the instertate with my husband on his motorcycle. I lost my entire cosmetic bag somewhere on the I-95 – that was a sad sad day! Right now the collection is nothing huge and crazy. I have the necessities – eyeliner, brow liner, foundation, and some eye shadows. The main staple to my bag is eyeliner. If I wear nothing else, I MUST wear eyeliner!IMG_5403 IMG_5402 IMG_5406 IMG_5397IMG_5405. IMG_5412 IMG_5411 IMG_5410 IMG_5409 IMG_5400 IMG_5398 IMG_5396  IMG_5395colorsIMG_5392 I have cheap brushes because I typically just use my finger to apply eye shadows. I find it works way better! I have the best little pair of tweezers which came in a Sally Hansen eyebrow waxing kit. Thanks Sally! Plus I have some lip gloss that I just got for Christmas which I love against my newly darkened hair. The most important tool in the bag right now is my zit popper thing. I never had acne growing up and now that I am 20-something my body has decided to bless me with a T-zone! Are there any products you swear by or HAVE to have on before you walk out of the house? signature