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Let’s Do Lunch – Isn’t it Ironic


— Welcome to the second edition of ‘Let’s Do Lunch’. I was blown away at the response I got last week. All I did was sit down at the computer and write what was on my heart. I had a couple darlings suggest I turn it into a linky which I am seriously considering. —

Ya’ know sometimes life is seriously ironic
We can have what we think to be an amazing opportunity or amazing news.
Then we share it with somebody else who picks it apart and puts a negative spin on it.
It is sort of like getting that dream job… halfway across the country,
Buying your first new car… and getting into an accident the next day,
Meeting someone you think is prefect… only to find out they don’t like you back.
I’m talking Alanis Morissette Ironic – 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.
Right now my life has an ironic situation.
A situation I am over-the-moon about, but I know others won’t feel the same way.
I don’t want to share my news because I know it will be analyzed and picked apart.
Even though I keep telling myself I don’t care – deep down I DO care. image This leads me to something else-
I am a critical person.
I am very critical about how I look.
I don’t have to wear a bunch of makeup or anything.
I don’t have to have designer clothes.
In fact I think I am pretty inside and out.
I am critical over how I look in pictures.
What I see in the mirror and in pictures tends to be two different things.
I am trying to work on this.
I’m not critical over others – I don’t judge anyone else.
I look at their pictures and admire their confidence for being able to take and share their self pictures.
This weekend I put myself to the challenge – the challenge to overcome my own criticisms.
We’ll save my stretch mark criticisms for another day.me1 me3 Can I tell you something?
I am in love with my pictures.
Especially this middle one. m34
So, my husband’s goal/resolution for 2012 was/is to get into better shape.
When I got pregnant each time he gained some weight too.
Though that one time he went to Wal-Mart around midnight for ice-cream when I was pregnant because HE wanted ice-cream and then told the cashier it was for ME
That was not my fault.
The nachos, mac-n-cheese, fried chicken, and A&W rootbeer floats – that was my fault.
Well anyways, after the pregnancy I had a baby and lost all of the weight plus more.
He did not.
Now he is trying to get back to the weight and shape he was when we met nearly six years ago.
He is also a Coke addict and so this no soda thing has him CRANKY!
On top of that he is counting calories and watching what he eats.
I am trying my very best to support him and make low-cal meals which is NOT easy.
On a serious note though, if he keeps up this cranky stuff, I’m going to sneak some Coke into our dinners.
I’ll keep you all updated on his/our success. image Well said Marilyn!
Is it selfish when you just want five minutes out of a day to yourself?
All of this staying home stuff is bittersweet.
Though, I love my children unconditionally
I commend full time stay-at-home-moms!
I just couldn’t do it.
I’ve been longing for five minutes to myself.
I’ve been longing to go to the bathroom for once uninterrupted.
The other day I had to get out of the house.
I asked a friend if she wanted to do lunch and it was wonderful.
And if I would not have had that lunch I would have lost control – spiraled into a crazy lady. signature