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Open Shutter Photography – Sparkler Drawing Photos

Have you ever wondered how people take pictures of sparkler drawings? The ones where they draw in the air and you can see the whole thing? I’m going to show you how to take Sparkler Drawing Photos with a Canon Rebel T7i DSLR!

We did this on the Fourth of July and everybody wanted to take a turn. I have a Canon Rebel – so if you have a Nikon it will be very similar. Even some point and shoots will let you do it if they allow you to adjust the shutter speed.

image In order to take these pictures you need to turn it to Tv mode which is the one that allows you to control the shutter speed. image Then you need to turn the little know in front of the ISO button. Depending on which way you turn it you can speed up or slow down the shutter speed. image On the display screen you will see the shutter speed changing. We tried keeping it open for 30 seconds but that was a little too long so we ended up doing 15 seconds. image This is what it looks like when your shutter speed is open for 15 seconds. You can do it in increments of 5 seconds with a maximum of 30 seconds. Then you need to set your camera up on a tripod or on a flat surface to take the pictures.

Sparkler  Drawing  Photos

image image image image


Saturday 9th of July 2011

Thanks for sharing!


Friday 8th of July 2011

thanks for linking up!

The Starr Family

Thursday 7th of July 2011

Oh you clever thing :) Its a must try!


Wednesday 6th of July 2011

so so so cool! thanks for sharing--i'll have to save this for next year :)

(if you want, link up to my photo friday link party (this friday) I'd love for my readers to see this too!)

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