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Weekend Wrap Up

Better late than never! After Mason’s birthday party my house blew up with toys and party mess. I’ve spent the past few days cleaning cake from my floors and picking up left over wrapping paper. It was an amazing weekend! Friday started out as an overcast day which is too bad because we didn’t get to see the final shuttle launch due to could coverage! The boys, my dad and I headed over to the farmers market and attempted to get a glimpse of it from beach side – but no such luck. No worries – we found plenty of good veggies instead! IMG_6352 I got my lemons and limes to make lemonade using a recipe by Country Farmgirl! Did I mention I am addicted to this lemonade? IMG_6355 IMG_6347 Then we headed back home to do some last minute party cooking and cleaning. Saturday morning we woke early and at two o’clock the party began! costume favors food sweets IMG_6425 The night ended with a crash and snuggle! The birthday boy was worn out! IMG_6679 Sunday was a lot of cleaning and then this momma had to go to work. Overall it was a great weekend getting to see family and friends! image


Wednesday 13th of July 2011

super cute birthday party--what a lucky kid with a mom who loves him so much!

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