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$35 Raised Garden Beds – Cut List and Building Plans

I posted about the $35 raised garden beds on TikTok and I had quite a few questions about a cut list and building plans. The video keeps getting more and more views as garden season starts in different areas, so I figured why not make my first ever cut list and building plan.

I hope to create more building plans in the future, so this one may not be perfect. Feel free to comment at the bottom or message me with any questions.

$35 Raised Garden Beds – Building Supplies Needed:

  • 12 Boards
  • 1-1/4″ Kreg Jig Screws
  • (8) L-Brackets
  • 3/8″ Wood Screw

Tools Needed:

Planting in Raised Beds

I started seeds indoors in January. We live in Florida zone 9B, so we start a bit earlier than most other areas in the United States. This was my first year starting so many seeds indoors and I admit I prefer direct sowing. I had cucumbers I direct sowed a month after the seeds that are growing much better. I guess it just depends on the plant.

The only thing we bought no from seed were two strawberry plants and rosemary.

To fill the garden beds I used 2 cubic yards of garden soil from our local mulch and dirt place. The level of the dirt has lowered as it has settled so I would advise 2.5 cubic yards if you make these.

Download the Free Building Plans and Cut List

I created an e-book you can download which includes the exact supplies, cut list and instructions on how to construct your own raised beds. I already had all of the tools, but the supplies for BOTH beds only cost me $35.