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5 Minute Journaling to Keep Goals in the New Year

Hey little mama! With a new year comes all of these new, big ideas, plans and hopes we have for ourselves. Some of us will stay true to the resolutions and goals. Some of us will fall off of the train before we get one week in and others won’t set any for fear of failure so I urge you to take it easy on yourself.

Losing weight is HARD, changing lifelong habits takes time and tossing your entire routine in the air can sometimes end in disaster, but I have an idea on how you can avoid failure. Sometimes these big plans fail because we don’t check in with ourselves.

We have these lofty plans of going from a couch potato to a marathon runner (not saying it can’t happen!) or learning our new Cricut Maker in 1 week or less. When we get a little sore during the training or mess up an entire sheet of vinyl and we toss in the towel and go back to our comfort zone on the couch.

How to Start 5 Minute Journaling

This is where 5 minute journaling comes in. I want you to go out and buy a cheap notebook or a vegan leather covered journal with your initials in gold foil if you so desire. Each day take 5 minutes to journal. No more and no less. Set a timer on your phone if you have to.

Journal about your day, your feelings, your progress or if all is well in ‘marathon running world’ journal about other goals and dreams, future plans or whatever your heart desires. If your journal ends up looking anything like mine there will be doodles in the margins and small drawings depicting my exploding ideas.

I promise this daily checkin with yourself will keep you committed to the big plans and dreams. Taking that five minutes to ask yourself, in my best Wendy Williams voice, “How You Doin!?” will make all the difference.

If you hit a roadblock in your goals for the New Year I want you to write about it. Facebook doesn’t need to know, Instagram doesn’t need to know and neither does that co-worker who keeps asking you daily how goal XYZ is going. The only person that needs to know is YOU and journaling your feelings about the shortcomings or the extra big accomplishments will be a catalyst for success.

This journal is almost like a diary where you can be truthful, honest and raw. The things you hardly want to whisper to your significant other because you’re scared to speak the defeat (or excitement) into existence can live in this journal.

Fifteen 5-Minute Journaling Prompts for Reaching Goals

Need some prompt ideas for your 5-minute journaling session? Here is a list of 15 prompts you can use when you are drawing a blank.

  1. The feelings you expect to have when reaching your goal.
  2. What trait do you wish you had that would help you reach your goal sooner?
  3. Envision your life when you have accomplished your acheivement.
  4. Roses and Thorns of the day. (The highest high and lowest low)
  5. An emotional check-in for the week (What made you happy, sad, stressed etc.)
  6. Write about your Mindset Goal for the next day, week or month
  7. List 5 small things that will help you reach your big goal
  8. What am I most grateful for on this journey?
  9. A day in my life (What happened from start to finish)
  10. To celebrate reaching my goal I will _____
  11. What song, poem or quote do you find most motivating?
  12. Who have you shared your big goal with?
  13. Why is this goal so important to you?
  14. What do I know to be true now that I didn’t know when I started?
  15. Describe a place (real or not) that makes you happiest.