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The House that Votes Built

I’m over the moon excited to introduce you to The House that Votes Built! Sounds interesting, right!? Let me tell you all about it in hopes you want to cast a vote or two. Already chomping at the bit to vote on something? We won’t waste time.

Still wondering what this is all about? Read on, readers.

My husband Mike and I are in the process of buying our first home. Mike is 34 and I am 30 but have been renting our whole dating and married life. With four kids and full time jobs we decided it was finally time to make the biggest investment most people make. At least this will be our biggest investment to date. We have worked for over a year to improve our credit, spent the past five months living with Mike’s family (10 people in a 1500 square foot house) and saved every penny to make this possible. At this point we don’t just want this house we NEED this house.

We have decided to do something super crazy and unlike anything else we have seen. Mike and I are letting our friends, family and followers vote on almost everything we put in the house. Let’s say this – we are buying a cute little home that has been recently flipped. What’s missing? The character! The people who flipped the house did a darn good job but you can tell where they skimped for their budgets sake. We want to go back and give it our own touch.

Why we are doing The House that Votes Built?

We are doing The House the Votes Built because Mike and I often have conflicting ideas and opinions. By pitching each of our ideas to the crowd (AKA you!) we can’t be upset with each other. We can laugh, get over it if we lose and know we picked what was popular with the majority. On top of that we think this will be pretty freakin’ fun!

What Type of Voting is Involved?

Sure, there will be a few things we might want to decide without votes. As the house sits now it needs new floors, new paint, maybe a wall or two removed and a considerable amount of other work. As soon as we decided to write up the contract and get the preapproval for the house we went to a home improvement store and picked out floors and paint colors we liked… or maybe they were floors and paint colors I, Kelsey Sapp, liked.

Here are the things you will vote on – countertops, sinks, faucets, lighting fixtures, furniture and who knows what else. As it stands the house is a blank slate ready for us to paint rainbows on the walls if we so choose. Although sorry, rainbows on the walls aren’t really in the plans as far as I’m concerned. Seriously if I weren’t making some choices and doing the work to remodel the house, I would totally sign up to vote! This is something that sounds like it would be right up my alley. This millennial (me) doesn’t have cable and I miss me some HGTV. In my eyes this is the next best thing landing right in my inbox.

Most times we will give you two choices to vote on but every now and then we might have someone toss in an out of our comfort zone choice to vote on too.

How Often Do I Vote?

Ideally you will be voting on something weekly although votes might roll in more or less often depending on the size of the project we have going on. Sorry we are not HGTV and this is all being done in real time.

How Will We Know Which Vote Won?

Each vote will have a timeframe of 48 hours. From the time we send out the voting email ‘Vote on ___’ to the time we close voting will be 48 hours. We will update you with the voting on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and when the 48 hours is up we will announce the winning vote by sending you another email announcing the winner! Will Mike’s choice win or will Kelsey’s?

Who is doing the work?

Ummm, good question my friend. Mike and I have little remodeling knowledge. I do have experience with drills, miter saws, painting and laying tile. Mike’s dad owned an A/C business and he spent a lot of time working for him growing up.

I grew up with a dad who knows how to do a little of everything. He built houses with a friend on the side, laid flooring for some time, did plumbing and one time when my butt when through the wall he fixed it to perfection. We are counting on him to help us with a lot of the work! He is an amazing woodworker and does home DIY projects around his home all the time. Sorry mom, we are borrowing him for a while.

Mike and I also have some friends with knowledge we are counting on and if need be we will hire people to come in and help us. We will keep you updated on how we complete all the projects as we go.

Ready to let the voting begin?

Join our family, friends and followers and vote on the things you want to see in our home!

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Do you have any other questions we should address about the House that Votes Built? Pop them in the comments so we can give you an answer!

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