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Sew a Halloween Pillow Cover with Something Wicked Cut File

DIY Pillow fans unite! Learn how to sew a pillow cover. I love to change out our throw pillow cases to match each season’s décor. I sewed and added HTV to some pillow covers a few years ago and shared the post on See Vanessa Craft. I’m sharing the tutorial here for all of you now. This is still one of my favorite Halloween projects to date. I get so many compliments on them. Ready to sew? If not you can buy a blank pillowcase from Amazon in solid colors or prints and apply the heat transfer vinyl.

If you haven’t worked with HTV or need some tips and tricks to help it adhere better read Tips and Tricks for Applying HTV.

Scroll down to get instructions to sew your own envelope pillow cover. Find the free cut file at the end of the post. This cut file was made in Silhouette Studio so will only work for Silhouette machine users.

Ready to get this pillow started?! If you are a novice sewer or like quick projects then this pillow is about to be your best friend. Envelope pillows take no time at all and are really simple! For this pillow cover you use one piece of fabric folded with the two ends overlapping to hide the pillow form inside.
Instructions for Sewing an Envelope Pillow Cover


Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing Supplies (thread, scissors, rotary cutter, iron)
Pillow form
Heat Transfer Vinyl

Step 1: To cover a pillow you will first need to measure your form and then cut the fabric. To figure out how big to cut your piece of fabric measure the pillow form and add two inches to the width. For the height double it and then add 6 inches. For my 15×15 inch pillows I used a piece of fabric 17×36 inches.

Halloween Pillow and Cut File

Step 2: With the right side of the fabric facing down fold over the two shorter edges of the fabric, iron and hem. (See the first diagram above)

Halloween Pillow and Cut File

Step 3: Once the two ends are hemmed put the fabric right side facing down again and fold fabric according to the diagram (above). One of the hemmed sides should overlap the other by four inches. (Also see two images below.)

Halloween Pillow and Cut FileHalloween Pillow and Cut File

Step 4: Pin the raw edges and sew.

Halloween Pillow and Cut File

Step 5: Once the raw edges are sewn use scissors to trim any loose threads and cut the corners from the edge right up to the hem line (but do not cut through the hem!). This will help the corners look more professional when  you turn the pillowcase right side out.

Halloween Pillow and Cut File

Step 6: Turn the pillowcase right side out. As you can see it opens up for you to push your pillow form into but overlaps so you won’t see the pillow.

Halloween Pillow and Cut File

Step 7: If you choose to add heat transfer vinyl embellishments do so now! I have included the Silhouette cut file for the text and the link to the spider I used from the Silhouette store below. After you have finished put the pillows into the pillowcases and you have a complete transformation!

Grab the cut file bedlow and pair it with THIS spider from the Silhouette store!

I made three pillowcases in under an hour and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out. I transformed boring throw pillows that came with our couch into something ‘wicked.’

Halloween Pillow

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