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10 Masculine Fonts

This MASCULINE FONT post does contain affiliate links. This means the product cost the same for you however we may receive a small commission which we use to keep the content flowing.

When my husband Mike and I met I was taking web design classes at a local college. We found we were both very creative and artistic and after seeing the designs I was working on he joined the program too. He is amazing in Adobe Illustrator. Back before kids when we had free time (haha! free time) he used to turn photos of people into digital designs. They were amazingly realistic. I on the other hand preferred Adobe Photoshop. Now we help one another with designs and projects. He gets involved in t-shirt designs and had his own ETSY shop for a while. We occasionally bump heads but we work very well together.

Together we have started working on a few projects for my blog turned business. We both have full time jobs and I could really use some help on a big project I am putting together. I already have an amazing virtual assistant that helps with projects behind the scenes. However having Mike to bounce ideas off of has proven to be really helpful as well. I also convinced him to help with some graphics I need and he is going to help me put together a few font posts. This masculine font post is the first one curated by Mike.

Blackhawk Brush Font // Adam Warren // Grind Typeface // Mr Dafoe Regular // Vanguard CF // Equinox  // Reisenberg

// Chunk Five // Emelio 20 // Marlboro

These masculine fonts are great for shirt designs, signs or vinyl stickers for the masculine man. Are there any other fonts you prefer to use when designing for men? Leave them in the comments below so we can all check them out! If you aren’t sure how to download fonts I have a tutorial on how to download fonts post you might find helpful.