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30+ Last Minute Father’s Day Printables

A collection of over 30 free printables for Father’s Day
Father’s Day is in three days – say WHAT!? I can’t believe how fast this year is going or the fact that it is already Father’s Day. I mean for goodness sake it seems like last week we were bringing our oldest son Wyatt home from the hospital and this year will be Mike’s 8th Father’s Day . There we were 8 years ago – new parents like deer in the headlights.
There is this one memory that comes to mind when I think of those first weeks as new parents. My husband took a few weeks off after I had Wyatt. I think it was in the first week when one morning I woke up and there were cotton balls all over the floor of our master bedroom and bathroom. At first I didn’t notice them because Wyatt still didn’t have his nights and days figured out and I was practically sleep walking. He was up almost every hour or every other hour to eat or just to look around taking his new world in.
Since I was breastfeeding and had just got my milk in I got up with Wyatt nearly every time. It wasn’t until I walked him over to the changing table after the sun had come up that morning when I finally noticed the cotton balls in our bathroom leading out into the bedroom. They were everywhere – like snowflakes covering a yard right as the snow starts to stick. As I followed the trail they lead right to our bed and I was calling for Mike who was still asleep almost. I was working myself into a panic since I wasn’t sure what was going on. It was then that I realized why the cotton balls were out. Sometime in the middle of the night during Wyatt’s crying Mike had gone into the bathroom and stuffed cotton balls into his ears. To this day he still does not remember ever waking up or getting the cotton balls but seeing him sit up with cotton hanging from both ears wondering why he couldn’t hear anything will be something I remember forever.
I rounded up over 30 free Father’s Day printables from my blogging friends and other great places around the web. If you are last minute like I am this year you can still seem to have it all together!
30+ FREE Father's Day Printables
30+ Last Minute Father's Day Printables
30+ Last Minute Father's Day Printables

I hope you have a great weekend celebrating with your husbands and dads!


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Summer Rumsey

Thursday 18th of June 2015

Love all of the great Father's Day ideas. Thanks for including my Twix printable!

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