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My Parent’s Master Suite – Before Pictures and Inspiration Board

The before pictures of a white and plain master bedroom and bathroom.

My parents have lived in their current house for almost three years. When they moved in every room in the house was builder white and they have painted and decorated all of the rooms except for their master bedroom and bathroom. The only thing they have changed in either room is the ceiling fan. Their goal for 2015 was to finish their room and in a few weeks I am going to go stay a few days so I can help my dad paint. They have a large master bedroom that is open to the bathroom. The downfall of this layout is that the bathroom has a large window where the light comes in every morning and there is no door from the bedroom to the bathroom. My mom is usually up early but my dad isn’t and on the weekends when they could sleep in they are awake with the sun.

Last year for my their anniversary my parents went on a little getaway to the Gulf side (we live on the Atlantic side of Florida) and they bought the fish you see in the window. This isn’t a very good picture of it but they bought it because they loved the colors and want their master suite to incorporate those colors.

P.S. I have to take credit for taking these pictures while my mom was at work without warning her to pick up. My dad makes their bed EVERY morning (yeah, I wish my husband did that!) but when I took these pictures we were living there (we lived with them for 8 weeks last fall between moving) and their room was in a bit of disarray. My daughter Delilah would crawl up in their bed every day and mess it up and the dog kennels that they always kept in the spare room (where we were staying) were put in their room temporarily.

Their plans for the room are to A. Paint it! It is a large room and going bold won’t make the room feel small. B. They are putting barn doors up so the bathroom can be closed off from the bedroom. This way the sun won’t wake them and my mom won’t wake my dad when she is getting ready for work. C. The hope chest my mom has had since she was younger is going to be put on hairpin legs and moved to the entrance of their room. Eventually they also want to redo the flooring in the bedroom. My mom loves the tile that looks like hardwood but they haven’t made a for-sure decision yet.

For the bathroom my parents wants to change out the fixtures and frame out the mirror. My mom is still deciding between brushed nickel and hammered bronze for the fixtures. Changing out all of the fixtures is pricey but as you can tell from the pictures they have gold lighting fixtures, silver faucets and brushed nickel hardware on the cabinets. They mis-matched look drives my mom crazy. I personally just hate the old gold so I agree the lighting fixtures have got to go! I have tried to convince them to paint the bathroom cabinetry but my dad likes it so I think for now that is going to stay as-is.  The last thing my mom is requesting in the bathroom is some sort of light over the bathtub. As it is now they only have the lights over the mirror and she has a hard time seeing to shave her legs in the bathtub if it is dark out. Shave her legs – ha – hopefully she hasn’t seen mine lately!

See those baskets and the basket light? Yeah, they gotta go! Sorry mom!

Here is the inspiration board I put together for their redo – It will be painted in Blue Clay (one of Behr paints 2015 Color Trends Colors), the barn doors will go up between the bathroom and the bedroom. My dad was lucky enough to get barn door hardware from a real barn from friends in North Carolina. We are going to mix rustic with modern by adding the hairpin legs to the hope chest and decorate it with candlesticks, baskets (but not the current ones!) and throw pillows to bring in all the blue/teal colors my mom loves.

They have already been working on buying things here and there for their room and in a few weeks we will be putting the paint on. With their room so big and so WHITE adding color to the walls is going to immediately make a huge difference!


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