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Button Letter Plaque

Life with four kids has left me with little time to craft or create. In fact I have found myself with little time to do ANYTHING besides chase Delilah, feed Emmett or stop fights and arguments between Wyatt and Mason. The adjustment to having four kids and having my two older boys home on summer break has left me in tears more than a few times.

Last week I amazingly got both babies to sleep at the same time and finally had a chance to work on the decor for over the baby changing table. I came up with the idea to make button covered letters mounted on wood slices for Emmett and Delilah.

The wood slices would help tie in the woodland nursery theme while the buttons would add a bit of color and texture. I used Krazy Glue for this project which was perfect because it is Krazy strong, Krazy fast making it possible to finish the letter plaques over naptime!

Easy Button Letter Plaque DecorEasy Button Letter Plaque Decor

To make your own button covered letter plaques you will need the following supplies:

  • wood slice or scroll plaque
  • paper mache letter
  • acrylic paint
  • foam brush or paint brush
  • buttons
  • Krazy Glue

Once you have gathered all of your supplies follow these easy directions to make your own button covered letter plaque!

1. Using a foam brush paint the front of the wood slice with acrylic paint. The wood soaks up the paint so I applied two coats. Each coat was dry within 10-15 minutes.

Easy Button Letter Plaque Decor

2. Between applying coats of paint use Krazy Glue to start covering your letter in buttons. Krazy Glue is the best option for this project because it dries quickly and doesn’t leave strings of glue behind.

Easy Button Letter Plaque DecorEasy Button Letter Plaque DecorEasy Button Letter Plaque Decor

3. Allow a few minutes to make sure all of the glue has dried and flip the letter over. Quickly apply glue to the back of the letter and then place it onto the wood slice. You will not be able to adjust the letter once you stick it onto the wood so make sure you practice the placement before gluing it down.

Easy Button Letter Plaque DecorEasy Button Letter Plaque Decor

Since my crafting and blogging time is limited these days I will be brainstorming more projects that come together as quickly as this one did! Since Krazy Glue craft glues adhere the smallest embellishments so fast I will be keeping it handy! They have quite a few awesome project ideas on the Krazy Glue Pinterest Board I can’t wait to try! 

Easy Button Letter Plaque Decor

Gay Prewett

Friday 16th of October 2020

This looks to be such a fun craft to make! And one that the whole family or at least the kids could help in putting it together. Thanks for such a family friendly craft!

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