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Meet My Employers–The Mom Business

I’m in the business of momming. I’m a mom to three crazy kiddos who I mention often but usually don’t say much more about them than their names and ages. With Mother’s Day near and knowing that baby #4 could be here in the next 7 weeks or less I wanted to take a minute to go behind-the-scenes. I wanted to tell you a little bit about the kids that make me a momma. I think it is important to take a moment and note that although a lot of the pictures I post here on the blog may seem perfect they are staged! My job is rarely glamorous and my daily life is far from Pinterest worthy. When I am not busy filling orders for the shop or writing blog posts I am on mom duty. To tell the truth most order filling and blog writing includes numerous interruptions from my kids. They are thirsty (or sirsty as Mason says), Delilah needs a diaper change, they want a snack, it is time to pick one of the boys up from school, someone is tattle tailing… and the list goes on! Meet my three employers – Wyatt age 6 1/2, Mason age 4 1/2 (almost 5) and Delilah age 18 months. DSC_6408 Wyatt is my oldest. He is soft hearted and kind. He often gets his feelings hurt too easily which reminds me a LOT of myself when I was little. Right now we are going though a phase with him where he can be a bit bossy and overreacts about almost everything and can go from fine to hysterics in a matter of seconds. I’m hoping this phase passes quickly! He is in kindergarten this year and I am so proud of how much he has learned. He is reading like a pro and catches on to new concepts so quickly. He is going to be my little smarty pants! DSC_6341 Mason is my middle child and boy does he act like the middle child! He is hard headed, rough, tough, smart and determined. He can be so well behaved when he wants and is always behaved at school but then he has his moments. Mason is the one who throws the first punch in sibling fights although I can’t blame all the fighting on him because his brother does a pretty good job at being Mr. Bossy Pants. Mason’s weakness is his little sister. The two of them snuggle like it’s nobodies business! Mason is very active and can do anything he puts his mind to – I was so excited at how quickly he caught onto riding his bike without training wheels! –Middle child case in point – this is a Mason face after being put in time-out during our camping trip a few weeks ago. He wasn’t a very happy camper (pun intended)! DSC_6330 Delilah is currently my youngest (not for long though). She is sweet and loving with a bit of attitude when she doesn’t get her way. She loves her brothers so much and is into everything she can reach or climb up these days. I barely get a moment to rest because I am chasing after her every move. This girl eats me out of house and home and if I fed her all day long she would eat all day long. Speaking of eating she is also a crumb monster leaving crumbs everywhere she goes! I need to attach a broom to here rear end to sweep the mess as she goes along. DSC_6355 Then there is baby Emmett – we are having another BOY! My due date is June 15th and I am 33 weeks right now. I had quite a bit of nausea at the beginning of the pregnancy but after I hit the second trimester things have been a breeze. Only in the last few weeks have I started to feel a real change in my energy level come mid-afternoon and a little irritated by the things that get harder when you have a big basketball belly in the way. Just trying to move around or get up from the couch seems like a total body workout. Top left – 32 weeks, top right – 31 weeks, bottom left – 30 weeks and bottom right 29 weeks. prego-emmett These three (and a half) silly kiddos keep me so busy but I wouldn’t trade it for a minute! There might be a lot of craziness and a handful of messes in our home but it doesn’t compare to the amount of love! DSC_6515 Just the other day my husband and I were riding in the car with the kids after a not-so-smooth trip to Target talking about the things and places that change after you have kids – funny post coming soon!! Can you think of a place that just isn’t the same anymore after having kids?Enjoy,
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