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Chocolate Scented Bath Salts–2 Ingredients

This is the time of year for colds, flu and aching muscles. When I am feeling under the weather I usually run a nice hot bath and soak as long as I can. (Let me interpret the words ‘as long as I can’ for you – usually somewhere before three to five minutes before a child is beating down the door trying to find out what I am doing.) During those three to five minutes I like to use bath salts to help relieve my aching muscles. Making your own bath salts couldn’t be any easier! It only takes two ingredients – epsom salt and a fragrance or essential oil. You can find epsom salt at any drug store or WalMart. There are a huge selection of fragrance and essential oils on ETSY or you can usually find essential oils at most whole food stores too. 2 Ingredient Bath Salts - Chocolate Cupcake Scent

To give your salt a strong but not overpowering scent start by filling your container with salt and slowly adding five drops of oil at a time. For this container I used twenty drops of chocolate cream cupcake scent from Indigo Fragrance on ETSY. I have been buying fragrance oils from them since my first shop and soap making days years ago and they have always had great customer service, great prices and super quick shipping. 2 Ingredient Bath Salts - Chocolate Cupcake Scent I personally don’t like to use eating utensils in my bath products so I use a craft stick to stir the fragrance into the salts. Now I can gift this container to a friend who is under the weather or save it for my next three minute bath. So please tell me I am not the only one who has a husband that apparently doesn’t know how to keep the kids away from the bathroom for at least 10 minutes? 2 Ingredient Bath Salts - Chocolate Cupcake Scent 2 Ingredient Bath Salts - Chocolate Cupcake ScentEnjoy,
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Saturday 24th of December 2016

Oh yeah, very nice and simple recipe.

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