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Back to Blog School: 9 Free Social Media Icon Sets

If you are serious about blogging then you might want to have social media accounts set up with linked icons on your blog. I am sharing nine free social media icon sets that include icons for twitter, pinterest, instagram, google+, facebook, twitter, blog lovin’ and email.

I know that it can seem discouraging when you first set up social media accounts and don’t have any followers but as bloggers we have ALL been there! I am not saying run out and set them all up right now (but yeah I sort of am if you don’t already have them!). If it is less daunting for you – start gradually and tackle one platform at a time. When I first started blogging I set up my facebook first, then pinterest and all the while telling myself that was it. A little bit of time passed and I jumped on the twitter band wagon – it has all been down hill since then. I must say that my social media accounts are a way for me to have a more intimate relationship with my followers and I LOVE that! I am not talking AT anyone – I am talking WITH them. Okay, okay – enough about social media because I am going to be sharing more in-depth about each platform as the Back to Blog School Series progresses. Let’s get on to the goodies!

Back to Blog School: 9 Free Social Media Icon Sets

I have created these free social media icon sets so that you don’t have to go out and pay for them. These took me a bit of time to create so please remember that you may not claim these as your own design, alter or sell them! If you wouldn’t mind doing me another favor and spreading the word by pinning the image below I would be grateful!

Each platform has a separate image within each set so if you only want to use a few icons (for example facebook, twitter and email) you can do that. Maybe you are thinking these are awesome now how the heck do I — USE em’ – well I am going to explain all of that tomorrow so stick around! If you already know how to use them then you will find each set has a .zip file at the bottom of this post. I would love to see them in action so please comment with your blog link so I can check em’ out!

Back to Blog School: 9 Free Social Media Icon Sets
Aqua Watercolor Set | Black Watercolor Set | Chalkboard Set | Coral Watercolor Square Set | Glitter Set | Green Watercolor Set | Purple Watercolor Set | Coral Watercolor Drip Set | Yellow Watercolor Set

I am thinking about sharing a few more sets in the coming weeks so if you have ideas or color combos you would like to see please let me know in the comments!


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Monday 10th of February 2014

Thank you so much for providing these! Do you by chance have a black watercolor YouTube icon you could send to me?

Gwendolyn T

Saturday 31st of August 2013

Hi Kelsey I decided to try the green water color ones out on my new page and you are welcome to check them out here They are bigger than I imagined, I tried shrinking them down within photobucket, but it added black to the background. So I don't recommend people trying that. I am sure I could do it in a photo editor, but I'll leave them as is to take a break from blog designing this week. Thank you for sharing these, and the how to, they are adorable.


Saturday 31st of August 2013

Hey girl!! I didn't want to confuse anyone too much but the way to make them smaller is to add it into the HTML. Where you have the img src="photoname.png" you want to add in width="40". I am not sure if 40 is the right number for you but the size they are now is 60. So maybe try 45? The image code would look like this... img src="photoname.png" width="45" Hope this helps and I LOVE them on your blog!! :)


Sunday 11th of August 2013

I love them! Thanks so much for sharing!

An Inviting Home

Friday 9th of August 2013


Great job on creating these! I would have no clue how to do that. ;-)


Michelle Hargreaves

Friday 9th of August 2013

These are adorable. I love the "watercolor" look!

xoxoMichelle @ Ya Gotta Have a Hobby

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