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Kids Construction Paper Activities for a Rainy Day

Last month I guest posted over at Paging Supermom with a Super Tip. I shared how I use construction paper to occupy my kids on a rainy day. My boys are filled with tons of energy, and when we can’t go outside and play I need a way to keep them busy indoors.

Construction Paper Activities - Rainy Day Approved

Chalk up the Paper

Make a Paper Chain

My two boys are four and five-and-a-half years old so I let them use safety scissors, but I still do the majority of the cutting for them. With the help of a glue stick they make construction paper collages and paper chains. When they use up the glue stick or get bored with that, I introduce a piece of chalk, crayons and markers. I find that by giving them new items here and there, instead of everything at the beginning, it keeps them interested longer.

Create a Placemat

Construction Paper Activities - Rainy Day Approved
For older kids challenge them to create a scene or shapes with their paper. My grandma used to ask us to create a page for each season or create pictures of everyone to use as their placemat with dinner that evening.
Construction Paper Activities - Rainy Day Approved

Indoor Construction Paper Hop Scotch

When my boys just have way too much energy, I create a hopscotch with construction paper and washi tape. I tell them to pretend they are outside at a playground and give them 15 minutes to jump, hop and use their outside voices. I usually do this right before it is time to put their baby sister down for a nap so I can convince them to stay busy doing a quiet activity next.
Construction Paper Activities - Rainy Day Approved
There are so many possibilities with construction paper, when it comes to the price, you just can not beat it! Not only do my boys have fun using the paper, they learn while using it too. When they create things with it they refer to the paper by color and their fine motor skills are being put to the test as they cut and glue pieces.
Construction Paper Activities - Rainy Day Approved


Wednesday 7th of August 2013

What great tips for keeping the kiddos busy on a rainy day! We have a lot of them here in Florida ;)

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