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Taking it All In

This is a post when I go all real life on you – so if you were hoping for a craft, recipe, or something DIY you won’t find it here today. I think I am starting to do that … ‘oh shit we are having a baby in around 9 weeks’ thinking stuff. I have been a bit emotional and have had a lot of things just racing through my mind. My kids are staying the weekend with my in-laws and my husband is on a hunting/camping trip for the weekend which leaves little ole me home by myself. I’m loving every second of it, but all this time to actually form a thought in my head because I don’t have two crazy kids and a husband interrupting your thoughts can wear on you! Philosophie Salon in St. Augustine, FL As I got out of the shower this afternoon I felt like I needed to get this all off of my chest. I sat there starring at myself in the mirror as I finished blow drying my hair just thinking. I thought to myself that I feel prettier right now today than I have felt in a very long time.
Here I am 25 years old and 31 weeks pregnant telling myself that I feel pretty and I mean it.
I’m about to be a mom to a little girl and I hope that she feels beautiful every second of every day.
With boys it is different – you are a little more rough on them on purpose.
With girls they are fragile and quickly take things to heart.
I feel like I am going to have to find a softness that I don’t have with the boys.
I’m dreading the day her feelings are hurt or those awkward times when you don’t feel pretty growing up.
When you want to be like the girls on the magazines and you aren’t skinny enough or your clothes are not cool enough.
I remember those days all too well. Philosophie Salon in St. Augustine, FL I cut out pictures of girls I wanted to look like and plastered them up on my bedroom walls.
I thought I was chubby because when I sat down my belly poked over my jeans.
Looking back I realize that I was probably just wearing jeans that were too tight because the girls in Cosmo did.
So it has been decided, my daughter won’t read magazines, watch MTV, or maybe even leave the house for that matter!
I’m just joking but seriously I need to find a book about this sort of thing!
What sort of advice do you have on raising girls?signature