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ETSY Relevancy Search and a Shop Critique Link Up

As part of my plans to quit my day job (which I mentioned HERE), I reopened a shop on ETSY. I wanted to make sure that my brand was getting the maximum exposure, so now I have the Storenvy and ETSY shops. After reopening my shop on ETSY I remembered the little bit about their default relevancy search. I asked other ETSY shop owner friends their thoughts, formed my own opinions, and googled it. I came up with an awesome FREE Relevancy Breakdown download from Handmadeology (which you can find HERE). It got the gears turning and I thought why not critique our own shops? With so many other friends, bloggers, and handmade hipsters selling on ETSY I figured we could all ban together and help a sista’ (or two or three) out while getting help and feedback for ourselves too! So I bring you the…. etsy shop critique link up Before I explain how it works and we link up I just want to share a few great points from the Relevancy Breakdown by Handmadeology—

  • The relevancy search is driven by the keywords that shoppers type in.
  • Pick words or phrases that people interested in your items would search for.
  • The first few words in your items title are the most important.
  • Mix up your titles and don’t make them all the same. (I’m guilty on this one!)
  • The search is not based on descriptions.

To get ALL of the great info you really should get your free copy of the PDF and read through it. Very insightful information on ETSY’s relevancy search! handmade with love So here is the deal (yeah sort of like rules, but if we all follow them it will make it SO much easier!) I want to keep everything anonymous so that feelings are not hurt, but I am asking everybody to be honest in their shop critiques. Please consider this to be constructive criticism which you can use to make your shop better!

  1. Within 24 hours of linking up your shop I will send you an email (to the one you put below) with questions about two other shops that linked up.
  2. You will answer the questions about those shops and send it back to me.
  3. In the meantime I will have two other people reviewing YOUR shop.
  4. Once I get the two reviews back on your shop AND the two reviews you did about other shops I will send your shop critique to you. (I’m doing it this way so everyone participates and nobody gets left out).

I will put clear instructions in the email so don’t worry if this all sounds a little confusing – just link up already! If you have never done a link party before just follow the directions below. **Please do not link up a craft or blog, this is for ETSY shop critiques only. link instructions LET THE FUN BEGIN!