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My Crafty Space REVEAL!

redmy_crafty_space  OMG! I am so excited to be sharing my Crafty Space reveal with you today!!! I’m squirming in my seat! If you missed the ‘before’ pictures of my dining-room-turned-craft-room you can see them in THIS post! Just a little background on my craft room – about six months ago my husband begged me to turn one of the bedrooms in our house into a man room. It took MONTHS of convincing. What finally sold me? Having his mounted deer heads out of my dining room and into a room where I could shut the door! What else sold me? The agreement that I got to turn the dining room into a craft room.IMG_5704 It was just plain and boring for a while. A lonely desk and boxes of supplies – a real eyesore to anyone who came over. Then for Christmas I couldn’t think of a gift for my parents to get me, and it hit me. I wanted a long craft desk that spanned the length of the room! My dad is super handy and he built the desk which you can see HERE. My old desk is now on the opposite side of the room and is used for sewing. I sewed a cover for my old 1970s machine and hung a basket for my fabrics.IMG_5701 The desk is almost 12 feet long and one half houses the printer and computer ‘stuff’. The other half is where I craft. For now we are using my Craigslist redo chairs at the desk! Since my husband blogs too this is the perfect set-up for us. He can be writing a blog post while I am crafting and we are conversing at the same time! IMG_5698   Below you will find pictures of some of my décor items. The old adding machine was found for $8 at a local antique shop. The turquoise lamp and burlap shade are from Target, the circle mirror and scissors are from Hobby Lobby, Keep Calm and Craft On sign is from the Keep Calm shop on ETSY, and the ‘Craft’ canvas was made by me. IMG_5687IMG_5683 IMG_5676 Here is how I organize things in my craft room…I have peg boards, a spinning organizer from Pampered Chef, an antique fruit basket, magnetic cases on a framed magnetic board, jars from Hobby Lobby, recycled pickle and jelly jars with spray painted lids, IMG_5684 IMG_5682 IMG_5678 IMG_5677 IMG_5671 IMG_5697 IMG_5693 This my friends is where I craft and below is where I am sitting now – my own little corner of creation and blogging! I LOVE my space thanks to my family for making it all possible! IMG_5669 I have really enjoyed sharing my Crafty Space with everyone and I wanted to continue the Crafty Space series so I have some awesome Crafty Spaces lined up for you! Do you want to know whose Crafty Space you will be seeing here very soon? Okay-okay- I’ll share the list!

Are there any crafty spaces that you would LOVE to see here? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do! Stepping into someone else’s space of creativity is so inspiring to me! Basements, closets, dining tables – they are all just as good because that is where the ‘magic’ happens! signatureMomma Hens Coop lollipops Featured On The  Crafty Nest The Shabby Nest Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special Weekend Bloggy ReadingLink Party Tip Junkie handmade projectsVisit thecsiproject.com52 Mantels

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Wednesday 18th of January 2012


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