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Let’s Do Lunch – Focus – Link Party!

lets_do_lunch Everyone has picked a word for the year. My word is FOCUS
I want to focus on so many things in 2012.
I want to focus on making myself a better, happier, more relaxed person.
I want to focus on patients.
I want to focus on spending more time with my family.
I want to focus on making sure I get a few minutes to myself every now and then.
I want to focus on my marriage and getting time together with my husband.
I want to focus on bettering my communication skills.
I want to focus on this blog and using it as an outlet to inspire others.
I want to focus on my shop and sharing it with others on the web and locally.
I want to focus on finding out what my next step is in this lovely life of mine.
FOCUS just seemed like the right word because I already know what I want – I just need to achieve it. focus
Printable 5×7 HERE In my journey to achieve FOCUS we had a great opportunity to get some ‘focus’ family time in this weekend.
We traveled to Georgia on a last minute trip to stay with my husband’s family.
We went to Quitman, Georgia early Saturday morning and came home Monday afternoon.
It was so great to leave the computer, our jobs, and all worries behind!
We stayed with family, so the only expenses were gas and some food.
They live in the country, so we did some fishing, got a little dirty, and were wore out by the end of each day.
Watching our boys play with their cousins was amazing!
Seeing the fun they were having almost brought tears to my eyes.
IMG_6347 IMG_6396 IMG_6447 IMG_6514 IMG_6630 Mason caught his first fish (and the only fish of the day!)
Wyatt fell in love with his cousin Julie and wanted to follow her everywhere.
The boys played football and I don’t recall one fight between my boys.
These are the times and the memories I need to FOCUS on making.
These are the times and the memories I will cherish as a family.
Now I’m back home and ready to FOCUS on other things!
I’ve had time to clear my mind and then think about new ideas.
Sometimes a break is exactly what we need to make ourselves want to work even harder.
It doesn’t always involve some expensive vacation or getaway.
Every now and then a trip to see family, a weekend spent without technology, or a day of thinking can change a lot.
Today I go back to reality with a renewed outlook.
This week I have two doctors appointments and maybe three.
I’m trying to seriously figure out how to survive by living on less.
My house is in desperate need of a quick clean.
I have a few projects that HAVE to get finished like yesterday.
I received a laminator for Christmas and I want to do some Pre-K printables for my boys.
So this week I am putting my focus on this list and if I accomplish more – Great! IMG_6654 If you want to grab my FOCUS 5×7 printable go HERE. What is your word for 2012? What would we talk about if we were to do lunch? What is on your mind? I hope you will link up your real life stuff below! signature

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