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Let’s Do Lunch – Real Life Style

lets_do_lunch A new year brings new goals. I don’t make ‘resolutions’ per say, but I do think about what I would like to accomplish. 2011 was a rocky road – but that doesn’t feel any different from the past few years – or from my whole life for that matter. The ups and downs of life are normal – at least here in my world – and that is okay with me. One of the things I wanted to start in 2012 was to share more of my life on a personal level. Therefore, I am starting the series ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ where I am going to share bits and pieces of what I’m feeling, going through, and letting you in to my life – the one that isn’t always Rainbows and Unicorns. Though I try to keep my blog a positive place, I will share my honest feelings this one day a week – happy, sad, or mad – I will let it show. Letting you in on what I would talk about if we had lunch together. Letting you in on some of the inspirational posters I have been making to express my feelings. quote4 So – Let’s Do Lunch! This year I have a new outlook.
Maybe it is what most people do in a new year.
I feel something big for me and my family.
Most of all I feel something big for me and this blog – in a simple way.
I feel love.
From my husband, from my boys, from Him.
I feel love.
Love for you, for my friends, for my family, for my insecurities, for Him. I got our car insurance renewal policy in the mail on Saturday.
It is going up $100 a month.
It says that due to the increased rate of claims they are raising policy prices.
What a great piece of mail for my New Year’s Eve.
Maybe someone could tell them I filed for unemployment the week before Christmas.
I’m just able to pay the bills I have now.
Maybe someone should tell them I am looking for a new car insurance provider.
I tossed it in the mail bin and I will deal with it another day because there will be no rain on my parade.quote I asked for advice a few months ago.
My boys are finally sleeping in their own beds.
Their room stays darker in the mornings and they have been sleeping in a bit later too.
I read them a few books before bed.
Mostly Thomas the Train.
We have funny conversations or use the flashlight to make shadow animals.
Wyatt asks me about the fire alarm every single night.
He rolls over and falls into dreams quickly.
Mason is our terrible two child.
It takes him a bit longer to fall asleep.
Even when you think he is asleep and you try to sneak out – he is awake.
I love this half hour of time with my boys each night.quote2 I Skyped with my best friend on Thursday.
Not only was it great to hear her voice, it was awesome to see her face.
We haven’t seen each other in a little over five years, yet we can always pick up where we left off.
I can truly say that I love her and the way she knows me. On Thursday I have hired my dad and husband for the day.
I shouldn’t say ‘hire’ – they are working for free.
They are helping me finish up my work area.
I want to call it a craft room, but it is also going to be set up for art and design.
Part of my Christmas present from my parents was a desk.
Not just any desk – an 11 foot desk my dad is building. I’m trying to shake the blues that has ahold of me lately.
I’m trying to stop worrying and to stop letting it consume me.
I keep praying and asking God to guide me.
It works.. for a while.
I haven’t felt like doing much laundry so it is just piled up.
I have not been motivated to cook.
Though I have plans for 2012.
I’m telling myself that starting tomorrow I will shake this.
I will put on some eyeliner and mascara and tell the mirror who is boss.
Along with anyone else who might like to know. quote3 A high of 40-something today.
I covered my plants with towels and sheets.
I’m looking forward to snuggling with my boys in this cold.
Making hot cocoa because I am actually cold.
I’m looking forward to snuggling in bed with my husband.
I have to take this cold weather in and enjoy it while I can.
The cold weather never sticks around long in these parts. I’ll meet you here next Tuesday for lunch – same place – same time. signature Linking up here-