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MY Life List – 100 Things to Accomplish

{I started this post MONTHS ago} Finally time to finish it up. Everything below this to #45 was what I wrote in June. I added the other 55 things and now I’m calling it a wrap!

I was catching up on some blog reading (in JUNE!) when I came across a new post over at Little Miss Momma. It referenced a post she did in early May – My Life List  – and it really struck a cord with me. As a mom I sometimes feel like the things I dreamed of always doing are on hold. This really is not the case.

As I read Ashley’s post I realized that I am already doing the things I always dreamed of – just not in the order I thought I would. What does order matter? Nothing ever stays in order anyways! With New Years upon us I decided not to make a resolution, but instead to share my list and hope to cross a few things off this year! image

  1. Start a website with blog images/layouts/etc.
  2. Get my bachelor’s degree
  3. Raise my boys to have manors
  4. Eat sushi more often
  5. Contribute to a savings account on a regular basis
  6. Start a 401K
  7. Get my Master’s degree
  8. Teach college level design courses
  9. Go to NYC
  10. Move out West (CO, WY, UT ?)
  11. Create an account on
  12. Go home for a visit (Rochelle, IL)
  13. Run a half marathon
  14. Stand on the corner of Rodeo Dr.
  15. Buy a house
  16. Have my own space to craft and create
  17. Go to Germany
  18. Learn German
  19. Go to a blog conference
  20. Watch my children get married
  21. Meet my (very far in the future) grandchildren
  22. Read a book to my boys every night!
  23. Participate in a shooting competition with my husband
  24. Learn all I can about photography
  25. Take pictures on the manual settings
  26. Help my sister plan her wedding
  27. Have a booth at a craft show or famers market
  28. Sell an item on Very Jane or GroopDealz
  29. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  30. Write a cookbook
  31. Stay happily married to my husband forever
  32. Meet some of my favorite blog friends in person!
  33. Teach Zumba classes
  34. Take a road trip with my family (destination to be determined)
  35. Do a wine tasting
  36. Grow raspberries in my garden
  37. Dance in the rain
  38. Own a Bed and Breakfast
  39. Go to the Mount Dora Antique Extravaganza
  40. Teach craft classes
  41. Start a ‘Girls Night Out’ with friends
  42. Do ‘Who am I’ posts once a month/week on my blog
  43. Learn to have more patience
  44. Share my secret
  45. Have one of my crafts or parties published in a magazine
  46. Start a Holiday link party with other bloggers
  47. Cut my hair Sheryl Crow short
  48. Take my boys on a Disney Cruise
  49. Quit my day job and be my own boss
  50. Keep a journal
  51. Figure out Twitter!
  52. Sew a quilt
  53. Teach my boys about stories from the Bible
  54. Be a Sunday school teacher
  55. Design art for a publication
  56. Grow Poofy Cheeks – The Shop
  57. Get an LLC
  58. Learn how to use more power tools (a table saw!)
  59. Make furniture
  60. Open a storefront for handmade items
  61. Host a family reunion
  62. Make an annual tradition of doing a girls weekend with my BFF
  63. Come to terms with my pregnancy stretch marks
  64. Organize my recipes into a binder
  65. Fill my closet with vintage clothes
  66. Grow my vintage soda bottle collection
  67. Go to a Martha Stewart show
  68. Do a video tutorial
  69. Get Lasik
  70. Visit my grandma and help clean her house (she sort of has a hoarding problem)
  71. Read more books
  72. Try to be more green
  73. Start a compost pile
  74. Organize a fundraiser for someone in need
  75. Meet Kelle Hampton in real life
  76. Create a huge photo album from our family pictures
  77. Read Harry Potter books to my kids
  78. Read a parenting book
  79. Fall in love with my husband over and over again
  80. Start a weekly link party on my blog
  81. Reach 1,000 blog followers
  82. Wear more skirts
  83. Become an Aunt again
  84. Design a typeface from my own handwriting
  85. Tell my cousins my memories of their mom (my Aunt) who passed away from cancer
  86. Get annual doctor checkups and mammograms
  87. Go back to Key West to celebrate an anniversary
  88. Spend a few weeks traveling in Europe
  89. Make a calendar to help me remember important dates
  90. Live simply
  91. Make a skirt for myself out of Heather Bailey fabric
  92. Rescue more furniture from thrift stores
  93. Be myself everyday
  94. Design ink stamps
  95. Start traditions my children will continue with their families
  96. Teach my children to be accepting and love everyone. No matter their race,sex, religion, sexual preference, or differences.
  97. Spend a Christmas in snow
  98. Be an inspiration to others
  99. Communicate my feelings and thoughts better
  100. Own a cyber craft cafe – scanners, printers, mac computers, café, and endless craft supplies!

image image image What is on your life list? Or do you have a New Years Resolution or a top 100?