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My Crafty Space – {Before}

my_crafty_space Well it isn’t exactly ‘Fab’ yet – but it will be! IMG_0202 Sometime in September my husband convinced me to let him turn one of the bedrooms in our house into a ‘man room’. I must say his rooms looks pretty awesome. My husband does gun part reviews and ammunition reloading in his spare time. With the Florida heat and salt air, his supplies could not stay in the garage where we previously had them. I agreed to let him take over the bedroom under one condition – I got to turn our dining room into MY space. These pictures were taken a week after I moved the dining table to the breakfast nook, and the breakfast nook table to the back patio. I then moved my stuff in, but it sure wasn’t very comfortable, functional, or organized! The good thing is that there is a lot of wall space, high ceilings, and plenty of room. The bad thing is that there are no windows giving me natural sunlight for pictures. I can deal with the whole sunlight thing because when we are finished this room is going to ROCK! IMG_0212  IMG_0213  That’s right – I said WE. I have recruited help from my husband and dad to help transform this space. I have already painted two walls yellow, painted sawhorses for a sawhorse desk, bought some items to keep things organized, and a few really cool decorative pieces. IMG_0214  On Thursday Mike and my dad are going to hang a 32 inch monitor on the wall which is now my computer screen. Yes it is 32 inches – yes it is awesome! They will also be hanging a few peg boards for my shop items, hanging two cork board, and building a top for my desk. I can’t wait to share everything with you! plans Maybe this will help you visualize it better. No? Okay – I tried. Here are some sneak peaks! Sawhorses built by my dad – painted by me. IMG_5372 IMG_5376 Burlap lampshade from Target Craft Jars from Hob Lob Craft Jars I hope to have the construction stuff done by next week, the rest of the organizational pieces bought by the following week, and share the full reveal with you after that! Then starting in February I’m continuing the series – ‘My Crafty Space’ – where we will be invited into other craft bloggers’ crafty spaces! So far the lineup includes The Crafty Nest, Little Lucy Lu, Hoot Designs, I Heart Nap Time, Alyssa Beths, Clean & Scentsible, Craft-O-Maniac, and Rouge and Whimsy! I’m so excited!! signature