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Make Your Own Resin Earrings!

Back in April I took pictures to post a tutorial on how to make resin flower earrings. Soon after, my computer crashed and I lost the pictures. So today I made some more and decided to give this post a second try! Resin Earring Tutorial

In April, I came across some resin flowers at Michael’s which were on clearance for $0.98. How could I resist? I instantly decided that I would use them to make earrings, so I headed down the jewelry isle and picked up some blank earring posts and backs. Here is what you need to make the earrings-
  • Resin Flowers
  • Blank Earring Posts
  • Earring Backs
  • E-6000 Adhesive

(If you can not find resin flowers at your local craft store there are plenty on ETSY!)  Resin Earring Tutorial Resin Earring Tutorial Take your resin flower and apply a generous dab of adhesive. Resin Earring Tutorial Then push the post down onto the dab of adhesive. Try to center the post onto the flower. Resin Earring Tutorial Sit the earring in a safe place and allow the adhesive to dry. I let mine sit all night since the E-6000 can take a while to set. Once the adhesive has dried you can put your earrings on and wear them like a rockstar! Resin Earring Tutorial Resin Earring Tutorial Resin Earring Tutorial These earrings make perfect gifts –plus-  they are quick and easy to make! Enjoy,