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Living Room Redo – Part 3

I just went to find my original Living Room {Before} post and was shocked to see that it was in FEBRUARY! OMG! Where has the time gone? And to think that I am still not FINISHED with it. The room is just so long and I haven’t quite figured out how to tie the area behind the couch together. I’m still in need of a rug and more seating for that area. Throughout the past few months my husband also took over my craft storage area (and turned it into a reloading room), so I’ve had to move more crafty stuff to my little corner. I’ve been thinking of making a room divider out of vintage doors to hide my clutter and separate the room a bit. UGH! What is a girl to do? So here are some Before and NOW pictures. I wouldn’t call them After pictures quite yet! What a difference one gallon of paint makes! Before-

Now- IMG_7479 Before- Now- Boy do I love my dresser rehab! IMG_7480 Before- Now- IMG_7481 More NOW- You can see my chair redo HERE! IMG_7497 Yes this rug may need a run over with the vacuum! You can see my trunk redo HERE! IMG_7490 IMG_7493 IMG_7488 See what I mean about the LONG room… IMG_7487 Hopefully I will soon be able to post the OFFICIAL before and after pictures! Until then – this will have to do. Linking up here –