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How I Take Pictures for my Blog…

I love blogs with great pictures – they inspire me because I am a very visual person! I’ve been on an adventure trying to improve the photos on my own blog. Last Spring I broke down and bought a Canon Rebel XS. I still haven’t mastered the art of night or low light photography, but I think I am getting pretty darn good at using natural light for my photos. Here is how I do it… Our breakfast nook has three windows which allow the light to pour in all throughout the day. This is where I set up at. IMG_8675 I gather my background supplies.

  • A box
  • A poster board
  • Tape

IMG_8677 I set the box up and tape the poster board to it. IMG_8681 I set it up so that the light is shining onto the poster board. IMG_8679 Get close and take the shot. IMG_8680 Sometimes to change it up I use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper for the background. IMG_8682 IMG_8683 IMG_8687 I use this technique a lot!!! When I share recipes… IMG_8718 IMG_8217 and when I do crafts. IMG_7946 IMG_8163 I hope this will help you take better pictures too! Just find an old box, get out the tape, and buy a piece of poster board ($.50 at my local Wal-Mart!). I’ll be linking this up to Photo Friday at The Hollie Rogue on Friday! and… Enjoy, image


Saturday 3rd of January 2015

Thank you, Kelsey, for all you helpful tips in blogging. I am new to that topic and very grateful for any tips and hints. Thanks for sharing! :-) *big smileAnd I wish you a happy and creative New Year!Moni

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