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About town… Palm Coast, FL

  image Over at Centsational Girl – I saw Kate’s post about a ‘Favorite Things in My Town’ link party. This got me thinking about my town and that I wanted to participate. Being from Northern Illinois, there are a lot of things I miss (like seasons, apple orchards, prairie grass, snow… and more), but when I take a minute to look around I am also loving my town! I live in Palm Coast, FL and it is centrally located between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. My most favorite part is that we live 10 minutes from the beach and I work right ON the beach! We spend quite a bit of time at the beach and the great part is that the beach is FREE! IMG_5111 IMG_8111 IMG_8107 After a trip to the beach we usually stop by and get a snow cone! IMG_7705 Every now and then we take a 10 minute trip to Fort Matanzas. I am not sure if it is considered to be in Palm Coast or St. Augustine – but it is a very unique activity for families. You get to ride on a small ferry boat across the Intra Coastal waterway to the fort which was built in the 1740s! They give you a history of the fort and then you are free to explore throughout the fort. IMG_5291 IMG_5342 One day each month they fire the canons! IMG_5296 There are also two state parks which we visit on occasion. Late fall and early spring make them perfect picnic spots! Princess Place Estates image 
Photo Credits HERE image
Photo Credits HERE The other one is Washington Oaks State Park image
Photo Credits HERE There are a handful of parks and the town is currently building walking/bike trails all around! If it weren’t so gosh darn hot this time of year I might be taking more advantage of them. If you are looking for a place for shopping. PALM COAST IS NOT THE PLACE. We have a Kohl’s, Belks, Bells, Target, Wal-Mart, Michaels, TJ Max and that is all. No malls, no pottery barn, no NOTHING! But we do have a few great restaurants! My favorite spot for lunch (or even breakfast) is Dominic’s Deli. dominics For dinner we head to Red Sphere for sushi whenever we get a chance! We don’t take the kids with us here – it is our date spot. red_sphere and you can always get seafood here on the beaches of Florida! IMG_5405 So if you are coming for a visit I would suggest staying HERE– Hammock Beach Resorts in Palm Coast, FL! image Like I mentioned before- we are located between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Both are about 30 minutes from Palm Coast. We lived right outside of Daytona and I worked there for four years – so I’m not too keen on it, but I LOVE the Old St. Augustine! IMG_5020 Then if you want to take a trip to Disney – never fear! It is about an hour and fifteen minutes away. We try to avoid it in the summer, but we frequent the mouse’s house often and have annual passes. We are planning a trip for later this month! disney IMG_4211 Overall our town isn’t bad! Lots of old ‘blue hairs’ as my dad calls them (old retired folk), but we live on a nice quite street and avoid Wal-Mart like the plague. The only bad thing is that the town is geared towards the retirement community and they don’t have a lot going on for families or younger people. It is also an outdoors area, so if you don’t like being outdoors – there may not be much here for you. That is Palm Coast – take it or leave it. To be honest my husband and I enjoy the area and living close to family, but we are ready to leave. I’ve mentioned before that we are interested in moving out West! image