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Kelsey’s Favorite Adhesive Vinyl Supplies

Over on Instagram this week we are focused on Adhesive Vinyl. Since there is a lot to cover and I’ve been pretty busy with orders I may spend two weeks. On this week’s IG live I answered my favorite adhesive vinyl and transfer tape brands.

If you missed the Instagram live (I’m live every Wednesday at 8pm EST) don’t worry. I’m sharing my favorite supplies with links.

Adhesive Vinyl Brand

I only use Oracal 651 permanent and Oracal 631 removable. Over the years I have tried many brands and have also been sent many brands to try. Some were better than others but Oracal has always been the best time after time so I trust it to do any job.

Transfer Tape

My favorite transfer tape to use is the TapeManBlue brand transfer tape on Amazon. It is so easy to peel and work with. Since I use a lot of adhesive vinyl for screen printing and also to tape off materials we use in the Glowforge I buy the 12″x100′ roll.

Plastic Razor Blade Squeegees

I shared one of my hacks for transferring vinyl with transfer tape. I use plastic razors as squeegees. I’ve been doing this for the past 3-5 months and total game changer!

Weeding Pen

Personally I think the fastest and easiest way to weed vinyl is not with a hook, but with a weeding pen.

35 Ways to Use Adhesive Vinyl

I gathered together a list of 35 ways to use adhesive vinyl. If I was starting out with a cutting machine for the first time I would advise starting with adhesive vinyl. It’s the easiest thing to cut and once you get the hang of it you can cut anything on your machine!

35 Ways to use Adhesive Vinyl