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Mandalorian Baby Yoda Birthday Party Ideas

Here I was… gathering and pinning all of these Baby Yoda birthday party ideas because my youngest LOVES Baby Yoda. I was for sure that he would want to have a Mando themed birthday party. I was wrong.

We have Star Wars stuff galore thanks to my husband’s prop making hobby and his ETSY shop business. Heck no… he wanted a Harry Potter birthday party. Could I be mad? NO

I can’t let all of these good ideas go to waste so now I’m sharing with you…

15 Baby Yoda Birthday Party Ideas

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Birthday Party Ideas

Fun birthday party ideas for a Star Wars Baby Yoda birthday party. Links to blogs sharing inspiration and free printables to shops selling decorations.

I hope you got some great Mandalorian birthday party ideas. Don’t forget to whip up a batch of my popular Party Punch no matter the theme! It always gets rave reviews.

Fingers crossed I get to throw a baby yoda party next year.