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Putting a Vinyl Decal on a Starbucks Cold Cup

I am showing you how to size and put a vinyl decal on a Starbucks cold cup logo. The tutorial uses a 24oz Starbucks cold cup, but you can modify for different cup sizes by measuring the logo. For the cold cups I use permanent vinyl but always suggest hand washing.

The cold cup I am using has been coated in glitter and epoxy and is smooth and ready for vinyl. Watch my YouTube video to learn how to make a glitter tumbler.

Measuring the Logo

Measure your cold cup logo with a soft measuring tape. You can find these in the sewing section at most stores and craft stores. For this venti cold cup the logo measures 2 inches x 2 1/8 inches.

Sizing the Design in Silhouette Studio

To get the design to the correct size I start by making an oval in Silhouette Studio that measures 2×2.125 inches. Then I take the design that will go around the logo and size it to that oval.

The sun design was purchased from ETSY

Video Tutorial: Applying a Vinyl Decal to a Starbucks Cold Cup

Vinyl Decal on a Starbucks Cold Cup

Putting a Vinyl Decal on a Starbucks Cold Cup

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes


  • Cold Cup
  • Oracal 651 Vinyl
  • Grid Transfer Tape
  • Cut File


  • Weeding Hook
  • Squeegee
  • Scissors
  • Soft Measuring Tape


  1. Measure your cold cup logo using a soft measuring tape
  2. Resize the design around the logo measurements in your cutting machine software
  3. Use your cutting machine to cut the design for your cold cup
  4. Weed and put the design on a clear transfer tape using a weeding hook and squeegee
  5. Squeegee the vinyl onto the cold cup and peel off the transfer tape

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