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The 7 Best Gender Reveal Ideas

One of my friends is expecting, and in a few weeks we will be attending the Gender Reveal. Thanks to all this quarantine I know quite a few expectant mothers -haha! Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular the past 6-7 years and I wanted to round up THE BEST gender reveal ideas.

With my first two kids, gender reveal parties weren’t really a thing yet. Then with my last two babes they were popping up and we had a small gathering of very close friends and family to find out the gender. For Delilah my friend made cupcakes and the frosting inside held the gender. For Emmett we had a box filled with balloons and let the kids open it up to see if they were pink or blue.

Last year we went to a gender reveal for my sister. They used the smoke powder cannons and I’ll admit I was jealous that they weren’t a thing when I had my babes. Maybe we need baby #5? On second thought, I think four is good!

Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal ideas for ways to find out if baby is a girl or boy.

Smoke Cannons – from Poof There it is Reveals

Confetti and Smoke Gender Reveal Canon

Boy or Girl Confetti Filled Balloon

Gender Reveal Soccer Ball Kit

He or She Balloon Drop

Confetti Cannon

Gender Reveal Shotgun Exploding Target Ball

While I was searching for some original ideas I also saw gender reveal baseballs, football, hockey puck, golf balls and tire burn out kits. They have thought of it all.

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