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Shared Boy Superhero Bedroom

My two oldest boys are 8 and 7 and share an 11×9 foot bedroom. Over the past week I cleared it out, painted the walls with BEHR paint and created new storage for them.  The way the room is laid out there is only one open wall without doors or windows to place their bunk bed. Storage in their room has proven to be a big challenge as well because I can’t block a doorway or their large window with large furniture. I have been looking for a small dresser to redo to go under their TV but haven’t found anything with the measurements I need yet.

The boys are at the age that we literally have to drag them out of their room sometimes. They spend most of their time in there on their tablets, playing XBOX or hiding from their younger brother and sister.

In our last home the boys wanted a superhero bedroom and they didn’t want me to change the theme. The one thing they requested besides keeping the superhero theme was to have all of the toys taken out of their room and make a place for their Disney pin collection. I thought of creative ways to create storage for their clothing and electronics, found a way to display their Disney pins and took the overly white room from boring to functional.

See these white walls!?

I painted the walls which were builder white with BEHR MARQUEE Interior Paint in the color Bowstring T16-19 (with a Satin finish). The change wasn’t extremely noticeable but I wanted a neutral grayish color so I can easily change out decor in the future. Now the walls are free from marks and scratches, leaving it looking so fresh and so clean.

I wanted to add a few focal points in the room so I changed the placement of some of the superhero wall hangings and added a corrugated metal valance with new curtains and curtain rod. Thanks to the corrugated metal I was able to use a super cheap curtain rod since it is hidden and keep within the small budget I had.

I moved the hand-me-down bookcase to the play room and built a storage shelf under the television out of two wooden crates from The Home Depot. I screwed the crates together in the middle and hung them with picture frame hangers rated for over 50 pounds and D rings. The shelf is perfect for storing their XBOX controllers and game characters. I tried a few different things with the shelves and haven’t quite decided what I like best. The metal bins are great but I know eventually things will just be tossed in them creating all sorts of disarray.

The closet walls were marked up from shoes and I couldn’t even know what else but they were hideous. I painted halfway up the walls in there using BEHR MARQUEE Interior in Bowstring, then hung metal bins for the boys to put their undies and socks in. No more plastic storage bin that tips over as soon as you open the drawers!

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures….

Jenn Seepersaud

Friday 19th of August 2016

We used New Port Blue for Bryces bedroom & Love it! - Jenn Seepersaud

mark sias

Monday 15th of August 2016

I would like to paint my living room and kitchen smoke embers, a gray variant

Jolene Johnson

Sunday 14th of August 2016

I'd love to do Thickened Cream in my closets! Nice bright neutral.


Saturday 13th of August 2016

i love the little princess color pink but not too pink!


Thursday 11th of August 2016

I would like Night Blooming Jasmine for the living room.

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