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Salvaged Barn Wood EAT Sign

When I was in grade school we lived in a small town in Northern Illinois and my parents bought three acres of land out in the country. The land had a barn, old ice house and a corn crib on it. Throughout grade, middle and high school my brother, sister and I helped our parents transform the overgrown and run down property. We turned three acres of field into yard, planted grass and trees and helped with a huge garden each year. The corn crib and ice house were knocked down and we spent what seemed like a whole summer power washing and scrubbing every inch of the old barn that was the star of the property. We had just as much fun at ‘the barn,’ as we came to call the property, as we did work. My parents had parties and bonfires and we camped and fished out there through the summer months. You could look up at the sky at night and see a million stars shinning back down. I have so many memories at the barn. It was where I drove a car for the first time and got my first flat tire. The barn was where I learned to use a riding lawn mower, fill it up with gas and nurse a tree back to health after running it over with the tractor. When we moved to Florida my parents sold our small town house and the three acres in the country. There were boards they had saved from the corn crib and barn that they brought with them to Florida because of the memories they held. The piece that meant the most was one that was barn red with white painting which had the name of the town where the barn wood came from (Sandwich, IL) and the company that built it. Salvaged Barn Wood EAT Sign - Painted Sign Decor After my mom saw the ‘eat’ sign I made out of an old wooden shelf she had given me she wanted me to do the same thing with the piece of salvaged barn wood she had. Before we painted the ‘eat’ and hung the sign in her dining room it was tucked away in the garage where nobody could see or enjoy it. Each time I see the sign hanging in my mom’s dining room it brings back so many good memories from throughout my childhood. The sign also looks killer next to her red accent wall! Salvaged Barn Wood EAT Sign - Painted Sign Decor To get the tutorial to make your own EAT Sign go HERE! Salvaged Barn Wood EAT Sign - Painted Sign Decor

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