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Thin Mint Popcorn

This post is sponsored by Pop Secret but all opinions and ideas are my own. My husband is a movie guy. His idea of a perfect family night is when all of us are snuggled on the couch watching a movie with a big ole’ bag of Pop Secret. Personally popcorn brings back lots of memories of time I spent with my grandpa. When I was a little girl my grandparents would occasionally watch me overnight and my grandpa would always pop a bag of popcorn and melt extra butter to pour over top while they watched Law and Order or 60 Minutes. We never seemed to finish the whole bowl and the next morning we would sit at their table and eat the old popcorn before breakfast. I will always remember the opaque green Tupperware bowl they used and the taste of slightly stale popcorn that left a film in your mouth. Thin Mint Popcorn - a sweet and salty snack Now popcorn is a staple in our house and we always have it in the pantry. If we run out the kids are sure to let me know. For them it is a treat to pair a movie with popcorn or just to munch on as an after school snack. My husband and I like to mix things up every now and then though. My husband makes his famous savory popcorn with a mix of seasonings and parmesan (recipe coming soon!) and I like to make sweet and salty snacks using candies or sweet toppings. Our family favorite sweet and salty popcorn is Thin Mint Popcorn. We always pop two bags because it is gone almost instantaneously. Thin Mint Popcorn - a sweet and salty snack Thin Mint Popcorn Recipe::

Pour popcorn onto wax paper and remove any unpopped kernels. In a small bowl melt mint chips by microwaving for 30 second intervals and stirring in between until the chips are melted and smooth. Use a spoon to drizzle the chocolate over the popcorn and allow to harden (about 5-7 minutes). Place popcorn in a large bowl and enjoy! Thin Mint Popcorn - a sweet and salty snack Of course the worst thing that can happen to a bag of popcorn is for it to burn! The whole bag is ruined and your house smells for hours. To make sure you pop your bag of popcorn to perfection Pop Secret has a new app called Pop Secret Perfect Pop to help! (There is an app for everything these days!) Thanks to the app you can say goodbye to burnt popcorn for good. All you have to do is download the free app, put a bag of Pop Secret in the microwave for the suggested time on the package. Turn the volume on your iPhone up and place it within 3 feet of your microwave and start the app at the same time you start the microwave. The app will listen to the popping and alert you when to stop the microwave. pop-secret-app pop-secret-pop-app Thin Mint Popcorn - a sweet and salty snack

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Rosa Mira

Tuesday 27th of January 2015

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