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Rustic Woodland Nursery Nook Reveal

Welcome into the corner of our bedroom that has been Delilah’s little area for the last 18 months. The corner used to have pink, aqua and crowns but now it will be Emmett’s little nook and all that girlyness had to go. I shared my rustic woodland inspiration board for Emmett’s nursery décor a few days ago and plan to carry all of this decor  over into the room Delilah and Emmett will eventually share. My husband says the corner has a modern camping feel to it and I am find with that! Bring on the tents and campfires!

I was exactly 36 weeks pregnant yesterday and I must admit I am getting to be VERY miserable. The pressure of the baby is so excruciating I admit I have cried several times the past few days. At my appointment last week the doctor said the baby was super low but no dilation yet. Despite the pain – the fact that she said the baby was really low put me into full-on nursery mode this past weekend. Up until this weekend I hadn’t done anything to this corner besides for take Delilah’s girly stuff down. I still want to pick up a few things and get a couple plush woodland animals or pillows but for now I am satisfied. If I went into labor tonight I would be satisfied bringing our new little guy home to his own little rustic woodland corner of the world.

Rustic Woodland Nursery #boynursery #decor

Rustic Woodland Nursery #boynursery #decor

Rustic Woodland Nursery #boynursery #decor

If you want to know where I picked everything up at here is the rundown-

  • Rag Quilt – I sewed the quilt using fabrics from Bobbie Lou Fabrics and Joann Fabrics
  • Antlers and Vintage Window – already had around the house.
  • Target Banner – I put the banner together using vintage targets from Kelley Street Vintage, chipboard, clothespins and twine.
  • Leaf Mobile – I made it from leftover fabric, twine and an embroidery hoop.
  • Chevron ‘E’ – Hobby Lobby
  • Personalized Arrow Print – I used an arrow graphic from Kelly Jane Creative

Rustic Woodland Nursery #boynursery #decor

I am in love with how the rag quilt turned out. I used a bit of a different method than the strip rag quilt I made for my daughter which significantly cut down on the time it took to make. I will be sharing the easier tutorial and more details on the quilt soon!

Rustic Woodland Nursery #boynursery #decor

I used my leftover fabric scraps from the quilt to make a few burp clothes (burp cloth tutorial here) and the leaf mobile. I stopped into Target and picked up a new boppy cover since my old one was purple floral and a gray and white chevron crib sheet to match the quilt and décor. The pictures don’t quite do it justice but my favorite part of Emmett’s little corner is the mobile. I hope to get some better pictures, have my husband make sure it is super secure into the ceiling and share a tutorial for it soon too!

Rustic Woodland Nursery #boynursery #decor

Rustic Woodland Nursery #boynursery #decor

Here is to hoping some of this pain subsides (which I doubt unless he decides to crawl back up into my belly a bit) or that time flies until delivery! If you aren’t already following me on Instagram that will be the place to watch for the first pictures of our new guy.


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Christine Vandormolen

Thursday 12th of March 2015

Hello there Poofy Cheeks, I just put together a collage with super awesome inspiration on how to decorate with old windows on my blog Little Brags . I used a picture of yours with the source link back to you. Please come visit and if you do not want me to use your picture for any reason , please let me know and I will remove it asap. Thanks a bunch. Christine


Wednesday 4th of June 2014

Very nice!

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