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Fabric Scrap Embroidery Hoop Baby Mobile

Last week I shared Emmett’s rustic woodland nursery area and mentioned I would be sharing a tutorial for the mobile I made. I made the fabric leaf mobile out of fabric scraps leftover from his crib quilt. I love how the mobile turned out and was proud of myself for using items I already had in my craft stash to create it. If you wanted to do something other than leaves the possibilities are endless!

Fabric Scrap Baby Mobile - made using scraps of fabric and an embroidery hoop

Fabric Scrap Mobile

Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric Scraps
  • Cardstock Paper
  • Sewing Machine/Thread
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Needle (heavy duty needle with an eye big enough to thread twine through)
  • Embroidery hoop


  • Sandwich a piece of cardstock between two pieces of fabric (as shown below in image on the left) and start sewing your shape with a sewing machine. I did leaves but you could do anything to match your nursery theme. I sewed each shape three times and purposely tried to sew close but not exactly the same lines for a rustic look.
  • Once your done sewing your shapes cut them out with scissors.
  • Using the inside hoop from an embroidery hoop I wrapped twine in a square shape with criss-crossing pieces to hang strings of leaves from the center. (see the yellow/white twine in the hanging mobile images).
  • Then string leaves using a needle and twine to create the hanging part of the mobile. Attach them by wrapping the twine around the embroidery hoop and criss-crossing twine sections.
  • To finish the mobile attach twine in four areas across the embroidery testing and moving them to find a balance before knotting and securely attaching to the ceiling.

Fabric Scrap Baby Mobile - made using scraps of fabric and an embroidery hoop

Fabric Scrap Baby Mobile - made using scraps of fabric and an embroidery hoop

Fabric Scrap Baby Mobile - made using scraps of fabric and an embroidery hoop

Each time I walk into our bedroom and look over to Emmett’s little corner I smile when I see the mobile. It seems to constantly be moving and dancing so I hope he will enjoy watching it as he lies in his crib! I’m almost 38 weeks pregnant so not too much longer before he is here!

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Saturday 11th of April 2015

I don't have a sewing machine :/ do u think I could still do this and my niece whom I'm very close to is having a baby and just found out Its A Boy and I don't have much money at all and no sewing machone, although I do know how to embroidery and I love it, do you think I can make her a pillow or bla let or quilt without a swmewong machine? Is so can I just do it by hand? And of not how long will it take to use a machine to see a bla let or quilt so I know what to ask of someone who does have one n can do it for me. And by the way. I absolutely love the Yarn Letters as well! And the embroidery pic as decor with the hoop. I thought that was meat. And I think I may do am mommy organizer for her and a journal and an alphebetical scrapebook but most of it will be left plain except I may make up the words for each letter. it's so hard cause I want to do so much but no sewing machine and also no home co.outer. just my cell phone :). Thank goodness for this lol. And thank you. I really enjoyed looking at and reading all your blogs etc. You're very good at what you do!!

Kelley @

Thursday 29th of May 2014

This so adorable Kelsey! I absolutely love it! Its something that even non-sewers like me feel like they can tackle. lol. :)

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