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Printable Superhero Cape Valentine with Pencils

This year I was a little last minute on getting the boys’ Valentine’s Day cards put together. Luckily the Printable Superhero Cape Valentine idea came together super quick.

We grabbed solid color pencils a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure what we were going to put on them. Since the boys are really into superhero stuff right now I decided to modify some of the printables I made for Wyatt’s birthday to make superhero pencil capes!

Boy Valentine Printable: Superhero Pencil Capes

Now when the boys get home from school today all they have to do is write the names on them and color the capes however they want. Then they can practice their penmanship with the names.

Boy Valentine Printable: Superhero Pencil Capes

Superhero Cape Valentine Supplies

Print the printable file out onto cardstock and cut each cape out with a pair of scissors. Use an exacto to make a slit at the top and the bottom of the cape long enough so that the pencil will have room to slide through. Let your child put the names on and decorate the cape. Slide the pencils through and your done!

Boy Valentine Printable: Superhero Pencil Capes I