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The Basics of Google+ with Jenny of The NY Melrose Family

At this point you’ve heard the buzz about Google+ and you know that it can help your SEO or chances of rising up in a Google search, but you’re not sure how to start. It’s all so overwhelming, right? Not to worry, I’m going to give you the Basics of Google+ for New Users. The best part is that you’ll be able to use these steps as a checklist when posting to Google+.


The Basics of Google+ for New Users

1. Upload a large photo using the camera icon. We want to see your beautiful images! Many of us eat with our eyes and will choose a meal or dessert because of the way that it looks. The same goes for a craft or diy project. So show off those gorgeous pictures that you worked so hard to create. 2. Include a description using keywords that makes it personal. You want to introduce your post to people the same way you do when you write a meta description for SEO. You want to let your personality or writing style shine and entice people into reading more. 3. Include the URL to your post after your description. Your URL to your post not only leads people there, but it also gives you link juice which is the best part about G+. 4. Use hashtags for the keywords. The hashtags that you use are searchable within G+ and in a Google search. That’s right, the hashtags you put will help Google determine what your expertise is. So if you’re a mommy blogger that shares kid friendly desserts then those hashtags should be with your post. 5. Only share PUBLIC. This is HUGE! You only want to share to public because your circles or extended circles are not necessarily people that follow you. People in YOUR circles are who You follow. So when you share to your circles, it’s like you’re walking up to a complete stranger and sharing with them. I’ve shared the basics of how to post and I bet I’ve peaked your interest right? Well, be sure to check out my 8 Tips to Maximize Your Google+ Presence for more ways to improve your time on Google+. Now that you’re in G+ you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about with +1ing and sharing posts so scoot on over to check my Google+ Tips & Tricks. While you’re there don’t forget to sign up by email and you’ll have access to my Social Media Checklist, which is a printable that will walk you through all Social Media platforms.
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Jenny is a wife, mother, teacher and blogger. She and her husband of 7 years are raising two girls, a toddler and newborn, an hour outside of NYC. Jenny shares crafts, recipes, diy and party planning projects over at The NY Melrose Family. You can connect with her at: The NY Melrose Family * Google+ * Facebook * Twitter