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My Birthday Dinner at BJ’s Restaurant

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my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BJsrestaurants My birthday was last week. I turned twenty-six. Three times last week I was told by complete strangers that I don’t look old enough to have three kids. I started early – what can I say? Since my husband, Mike, had to work a twelve hour shift on my birthday we went out for dinner Thursday night. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, BJ’s Restaurant. I’m not just saying this either – it really is one of my favorites! We stop in after we have been shopping in Daytona Beach and I never leave without their famous Pizookie for dessert! The combination of great food, a huge selection of food and drinks to choose from and the fun atmosphere have me hooked. BJ's Restaurant BJ's Restaurant We were going to make it a date night but our babysitter fell through so we decided to take the whole crew and with three kids I must say the entire meal went very smooth. Sometimes when we go out for dinner I am so fed up with the kids by the time our food arrives I am just ready for the check. Maybe their good behavior was due to the numerous pep talks I gave them on the car ride or the fact that I told them they wouldn’t get dessert if they didn’t behave. Either way it worked! BJ's Restaurant BJ's Restaurant BJ's Restaurant Now through September 2nd BJ’s Restaurant has teamed up with Big Poppa Smokers to create a Big Poppa’s BBQ specialty menu and everything sounded absolutely delicious! There were corn fritters with a bacon aioli just inside the menu and my husband was instantly interested in trying it, so we started out our meal with chips and salsa and the corn fritters. BJ's Restaurant BJ's Restaurant My little food critic declared the corn fritters with bacon aioli to be the best corn fritter on earth! Coming from a picky five year old that is quite the compliment although I must agree they were amazing. Then when their kids macaroni and cheese came out with happy face fries both boys was thrilled. I typically tell the kids not to play with their food but they were having so much fun dipping their fries in ketchup and saying their faces were bleeding (okay, did you see that we are cutting the cable?) that they had Mike and I laughing. BJ's Restaurant BJ's Restaurant My husband and I both ordered the pecan wood smoked barbecue chicken off of the Big Poppa’s BBQ menu with fresh steamed veggies. The chicken was so moist and it literally fell off of the bone. I would rate this meal as one of the best I have had while dining out in a long time! The portions were so generous I had to take half of my chicken to-go. Not to mention we had excellent service which in my book makes all the difference! BJ's Restaurant BJ's Restaurant BJ's Restaurant BJ's Restaurant

We had a great time at BJ’s Restaurant and I am glad I picked it for my birthday dinner! Mike’s birthday and our anniversary are in the next few weeks, so we will probably be heading back very soon! I am determined to make it back for more of those corn fritters before the Big Poppa’s BBQ menu is finished!
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Monday 15th of July 2013

I LOVE LOVE LOVE BJs. My husband and I went their on our first date and then the night we got engaged and THEN our last child-less date night before our son was born. I agree with everything you wrote on your post! We even went to one of the the very first ones in California on our honeymoon and got our meal for free. They know how to take care of people there!


Wednesday 24th of July 2013

That is so cool! I love any restaurant that has great service - great food is just an added bonus!

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