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Through the Lens Life

The last few weeks have been wild and crazy – but isn’t every week wild and crazy when you have a business to run, blog to write and kids to raise or whatever your case may be? While feeding Delilah the other day I was thinking about how sad it is that I take so many pictures of my children with my phone and not with my high dollar camera which I saved and saved for. Instagram pictures rule my life and I guess I am okay with it because they catch raw and real moments. IMG_20130228_123452 IMG_20130228_161215 IMG_20130301_115140 IMG_20130301_173539 IMG_20130302_111932 IMG_20130302_204659 IMG_20130303_133059 IMG_20130305_200257 IMG_20130306_150335 IMG_20130308_190239 IMG_20130309_140951 IMG_20130310_190048 IMG_20130313_114652 IMG_20130313_160924 IMG_20130313_205231 IMG_20130315_093121 Today remember to chase your dreams because they won’t chase you! I would love to follow you on Instagram so leave your username in the comments or email it over!! Follow Poofy Cheeks on InstagramFollow Poofy Cheeks on TwitterFollow Poofy Cheeks on PinterestFollow Poofy Cheeks on Facebook

PJ @ Planned in Pencil

Friday 15th of March 2013

How was that carrot cake? I was drooling over it today on Instagram! Wish Panera was closer than an hour away!

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