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Printable Labels for Staying Organized

Just lately, I made some cute and simple labels for my home office and sewing room.  Take a peek… Label for construction paper   Office labels   I printed the labels on white letter size paper and cut them out.  I quickly ran them through my laminator, and cut them out a second time.  Next, I used my trusty friend… Velcro.  I only use a small piece, cutting approximately a 1” strip off the Velcro roll.   Cutting Velcro   Velcro on label   Next, I apply the scratchy side to the label.  It really doesn’t matter which side of the Velcro strip goes on the label.  But I recommend keeping all the labels the same.  That way, it is super easy when you need to switch labels in the future.    Velcro on label stuck together   To keep it easy when applying lots of labels, I attach the matching Velcro side right away.  When I’m ready to stick the label to a bin or container, just peel off the protective paper and push the label firmly in place on the container.   Labels on plastic shelving   I’ve made some FREE Printable Labels to use for your organizing needs.  You can really use them anywhere.  I have used my labels to organize closets, toy bins, and kitchen cupboards. The labels are blank so you can easily write your own personalized items on them.  You can also let your labeller do the writing for you.  Stick the labels from your labeller on these cute free labels before running them through your laminator.    Label printables Click below to download and print the FREE Printables: Labels – Blank Simple is Pretty