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Grilled Pizzas by C. Jane Create

grilled pizza recipe

Hello, Poofy Cheeks readers! I’m very happy Kelsey is letting me share this with you while she’s on vacation. I’m Christa, I blog over at c. jane create. 🙂

My fiancé, Steven, and I are on a mission to grill at least once a week this summer. We’ve tackled lime marinated flank steak and a couple other new things and decided to go for gold with grilled pizza. Cause really, you can’t go wrong with pizza!

This time we thought we’d make three different pizzas to share.

grilled pizza recipe

One is goat cheese and balsamic caramelized onions…

grilled pizza recipe

Two is margarita pizza – a bit of tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and a sprinkle of fresh basil…

grilled pizza recipe

Three is spinach and bacon with shredded mozzarella and a dash of grated parmesan…

grilled pizza recipe

To grill pizza, you need a high, even heat on your grill. We let ours heat up really well, then spread out the charcoal. Put down your dough, directly on the grate, and let it cook on the first side. Ours took between five and ten minutes. Just use tongs to gently lift up one side to check for done-ness.

After the first side is cooked, take it off and put it grilled-side up on a cookie sheet or cutting board, whatever. This is when you build your pizza. Layer on any ingredients and return it to the grill, uncooked-side down to finish ‘baking’ the dough and melting the toppings. I covered the grill for about three to five minutes and used the tongs to check for done-ness before removing it.

goat cheese and balsamic caramelized onion pizza
{goat cheese & balsamic caramelized onion pizza}
pizza margarita
{pizza margarita}
spinach and bacon pizza
{spinach & bacon pizza}

There you have it! Three super easy grilled pizza recipes. 🙂 I think this would be an easy and fun meal to serve at a backyard party. Make individual size pizzas, let everyone add their own toppings, serve with a cold beer – done!

We buy a big ball of dough from a local pizza joint for $2.15 any time we want to make pizza at home. It’s quick, easy and we can start ‘building’ our dinner as soon as we get home from work. You can also use pre-made flat breads or pizza crusts, just throw on the grill to heat through and melt your toppings.

Hope you all enjoy! Happy summer grilling!

xoxo, christa

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