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Sidewalk Chalk Paint

I have seen sidewalk chalk paint before and thought ‘my kids would make a big huge mess with that. More would end up on their clothes than on THEM!’ I was wrong!

My husband committed a crime and tossed all of the sidewalk chalk while cleaning out the garage a month ago. It was a beautiful day and the boys wanted to play outside. I instantly thought of the paint and knew I had all of the supplies to whip some up!


Seriously – the boys had a BLAST! Mixing the colors is also educational for the them. They are getting familiar with color mixing, and watching the droplets of food coloring come together to make a new color was rocket science to them. (Even I had to get in on some of the fun!)

To make it I mixed equal parts of cornstarch and water. We used 3 tablespoons of each, and then two-three drops of food coloring.

Get your summer fun on and go paint the driveway!